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From Garden to Classroom

From Garden to ClassroomThe From Garden to Classroom program is a unique way to engage students in hands-on activities and hopefully encourage proactive attitudes and behavior in areas of environmental protection, conservation, and enhancement. It provides experiential education in natural sciences, including botany, ecology, and environmental conservation and biodiversity, through interactive activities.

While all programs will supplement the science curriculum, connections will be made to other areas as well, including social sciences and language arts.As an important note, all activities are intended for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy; the same activities can be applied from kindergarten to grade 12. Also, these activities can easily continue in the classroom throughout the year, engaging students often on a daily basis.

The result of over three years of incorporating the MUN Botanical Garden's educational staff's own experience with the many helpful suggestions by teachers and students is the following set of presentations, activities, and Youtube videos.

Resource ManualActivity Guide

From Garden to Classroom Activity and Resource Guide
Complete Guide, Sections 1- 5 (PDF - 170 pages)

Section 1 - Introduction (PDF - pages 0-10)

Section 2 - How to Green Your Thumb (PDF - pages 11- 62)

Section 3 - Botany For the Classroom (PDF - pages 63 - 116)

Section 4 - Trees Are Terrific (PDF - pages 117 - 150)

Section 5 - Teacher Resources and Summary (PDF - pages 151 - 167)


The following are select activites and programs from the From Garden to Classroom Activity and Resource Guide:

Trees are Terrific Program

Trees Are Terrific (PDF)

A great introduction to trees and all of their parts.

Alder Activity (PDF)

Get to know a shrub found commonly around Newfoundland. Finish up the activity by identifying an alder, or other familiar trees and shrubs, from one of the following keys.

Newfoundland Evergreen Key (PDF)

Newfoundland Trees and Shrubs Key (PDF)

Budding Botanists (PDF)

Watch tree and shrub cuttings bud and then spring in to leaf. This is a useful activity for learning how to identify plants and describe their features and is a great exercise during the winter months.

Tree Math - Measuring Trees (PDF)

Investigate a number of ways to measure tree height and circumference. A great activity to do on a hike and can be tailored to suit the needs of a variety of different aged students.

Get Growing Program

Recycled Flowerpots (PDF)

Recycle newspaper and create simple flowerpots. You can take this activity one step further and then teach students how to plant a seed in their new flowerpots. This activity has been a great success with students from pre-school age right up to the university level.

 Sprouting Seeds (PDF)

A simple activity that provides a great visual aide to students by allowing them to watch a seed as it sprouts and grows.

Celery Straw (PDF)

Did you know that plants have a circulatory system? This activity demonstrates this, as celery sucks up colored water and incorporates it in to its leaves.

Roots and Shoots (PDF)

Grow fresh greens by using kitchen scraps! Use root vegetable tops to demonstrate that a root is like an energy reserve for the plant. This is also a great way to explore what is a root vegetable and what is a tuber.

Hanging Basket (PDF)

Create a hanging basket out of a hollowed turnip. It involves using a knife so it may not be a suitable activity for young students, however it is a great prop for demonstration in the classroom.

Pomegranate Plants (PDF)

Extract the seeds from a pomegranate and use them to grow a pomegranate plant. Try replicating this activity with other fruit seeds from the grocery store. However, it is important to note that many varieties of fruit have been bred so their seeds are no longer viable (cannot sprout).

Fresh Ginger (PDF)

Use this special technique to get fresh ginger (easily found at the grocery store) sprouting and growing! This is similar to the roots and shoots activity but with a special technique and using a rhizome instead of a root.

Candied Ginger (PDF)

Instructions to make candied ginger, that can last for months, from fresh ginger. This activity is intended for use at home.

Plant Maze (PDF)

Watch as plants navigate the twists and turns as they grow towards the light at the end of the maze. 

Seed Savvy: Propogation By Seeds (PDF)

Divide and Conquer: Propogation By Division (PDF)

Making the Cut: Propogation By Cuttings (PDF)

If you require more information, please contact:

Anne Madden, Education Coordinator
Telephone: (709) 864-8590

From Garden to Classroom Outreach Education Program is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) PromoScience funding program.