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Frequently Asked Questions

Parent & Tot Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in the 2017 season the Parent & Tot program is now offering open registration.  We accept 10 families per session, and registration for each session will close once it is full.  Family Season Pass holders will get advance registration for both Spring and Fall sessions.

Q. Are there other options for those who don't get accepted in to the program?

A. Absolutely. Education staff offer a variety of family programs in the Spring and Fall that do not require registration and everyone is welcome. Please, check out our Family Programs page for more information. 

Q. If I buy a Season Pass, will that help me get in?

A. Yes! Families who purchase a Family Season Pass will get early registration and a 10% discount on the program.  If the program is already full, we are unable to offer a space for anyone, so please check with us before purchasing the Season Pass.

Season Pass holders of other types (Adult, Senior, or Senior Couple) do not receive the discount and early registration in the program.  They may still register if there are spaces available, but they would not get these benefits.


Q. Why not expand the program and offer more sessions during the week and/or on the weekend?

A. MUN Botanical Garden is a non-profit organization, with limited financial resources, including staff. The education program at the Garden also includes curriculum-based school programs, summer camps, tea and tours, workshops and family programs, such as parent and tot program. Education staff and facilities are operating at full capacity at this time. Grant applications have been submitted to a variety of sources to assist with the funding of this program.

With the changes to the program in the Spring of 2017 we are now offering one more session on Fridays.  We are also considering offering a Thursday session, but we wanted to guage the interest in the new Friday session first.