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School Programs at the Garden

MUN Botanical Garden offers a variety of education programs designed to enrich the Newfoundland science curriculum. A variety of curriculum-based programs are offered for grades K-12 (+ post-secondary) and our environmental education staff will be happy to customize a program to suit your needs.

Program duration: 1.5 hours.
Programs are available in both the fall (September - November 30th)  and the spring (May 1st to June).
Fee: $3.00 per student

Primary & Elementary School Programs

Primary and elementary school programs can include any of the following programs or may be adapted to suit each class's individual needs.

For more information about how the Garden can meet each grade's learning outcomes, please visit our K-6 curriculum objectives page.

  • Composting and Soils
  • Signs of Spring 
  • Butterflies
  • Plants and Soils
  • Signs of Fall / Winter Preparations
  • Seeds and Fruits
  • Habitats
  • Trees are Terrific
  • Bat Buddies
  • Forest Fun
  • Plant & Animal Adaptations / Interactions
  • Wetland Wonders
  • Native Use of Plants
  • Plant Detectives
  • Web of Life
  • Newfoundland Ecology and much more! 

Intermediate & Secondary Programs

Intermediate and secondary students can enjoy a variety of hands-on learning experiences through the programs offered at the Botanical Garden. The 110 acre nature reserve provides students with an opportunity to view local flora and fauna, particularly within the northern boreal forest and wetland biomes, while learning about: ecological concepts; plant and animal identification and classification; the ecology and composition of the forest; adaptations and interactions among living things; biodiversity; succession; competition and much more.

For more information about how the Garden can meet each grade's learning outcomes, please visit our 7-9 curriculum objectives page and our 10-12 curriculum objectives page.

Halloween Howl Program

The Halloween Howl program is a special program offered every October. It educates students about the relationship between Halloween and nature and why things like witches' brooms, crows, and spiders aren't scary after all. 
This program can be adapted to suite children of any age.

Booking a Program / More Information

To book a school program at the Botanical Garden, please contact Education, at 864-8590, or e-mail Anne Madden at: