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Grade Ten to Grade Twelve Curriculum Objectives

Provincial science curriculum objectives as they pertain to programs covered at MUN Botanical Garden.

Level I - Science 1206 (The Sustainability of Ecosystems)

  • Understand that lakes, rivers, forests and bogs can be classified as natural ecosystems 
  • Define microecosystems 
  • Identify the five major ecosystems of Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • Explore plant identification throughout the boreal forest 
  • Define and understand the process of auto pruning 
  • Distinguish between biotic and abiotic factors and how they affect things in various ecosystems 
  • Understand the importance of wetlands and ways to conserve and protect life in them 
  • Participate in a log study 
  • Examine animal communities living in soil types

Level II - Science 2200 (Diversity in Ecosystems)

  • Define ecology and biodiversity 
  • Discuss how biodiversity loss affects society 
  • Distinguish between ecosystems, habitats, populations and community 
  • Describe the relationships that affect biodiversity and sustainability of life 
  • Understand the importance of wetlands 
  • Distinguish between biotic and abiotic factors and how they are important in keeping natural populations in balance with nature 
  • Examine the classification system for at-risk species and identify local species in each category 
  • Determine some of the causes of extinction and its effect on society Identify ways to help prevent biodiversity loss

Level III - Science 3205 (Ecosystem Study)

  • Review the main ecosystems found in Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • Understand the characteristics that make each ecosystem unique 
  • Distinguish between bogs and fens and identify common plants found in each 
  • Define succession and identify the various stages (primary vs secondary succession) 
  • Understand the rate of succession Identify plants of the boreal forest ecosystem 
  • Discuss the reproductive strategies of native trees and plants 
  • Identify plants common to the Newfoundland barrens ecosystem