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Summer Camp Program Topics

Age-appropriate activities are arranged for each camp. These programs offer youth an opportunity to explore Newfoundland natural history through nature hikes, exploration, activities, games, crafts and adventures.

CamperA respect for nature and all its “critters” is emphasized. The camps are suitable for youth who enjoy exploring nature and being outside (no matter what the weather) and who can focus quietly on an activity or craft for a period of time.

While all camps follow similar themes (composting, wetlands, etc.), there is seasonal variety from week to week. Programs, games and activities are also modified to suit the grade level of each camp. It is important to enroll your child in the appropriate camp, corresponding to his/her grade level completed June 2017.  

Junior Naturalist Camps

Suitable for children you have completed Kindergarten through Grade 3 (or Grade 4 for weeks #9 & 10)

Some Popular Activities Include:

Nature Hikes, Games, Arts & Crafts, Bat Buddies, Snack Time Botany, Dining with Ducks, Get Growing, Down by the Pond, 3R Gardening, Story Time, Trees are Terrific and;

Three Cheers For Composting!

Composting is a daily activity at each camp. Children feed the worms with their lunch scraps and discover that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for everyone, including the environment. The Compost Challenge will continue again this season to determine which camp group can compost the most!

Wading into Wetlands

Explore our wetlands and freshwater systems, including Oxen Pond, the rivers and bogs. Be prepared to get wet and meet some of the plants and animals that depend on wetlands and freshwater habitats to survive.

Forest Fun

Trees are terrific, but bats are best!!! Get to know our northern boreal forest and its inhabitants. Hike along a nature trail and spot snowshoe hare, grouse, woodpeckers and other forest friends. Learn all about bats using bat detectors on a bat hike and spot our bat silhouettes on the "batty-bat trail".

Creepy Crawly Critters / Going on a Micro-hike!

Investigate the insect world (+ spiders, worms and other critters) in their habitats. Find out why many of these creatures are the Garden’s best friends and what we can do to help them.

Fine Feathered Friends

Dabble with the ducks in Oxen Pond, observe the osprey with a telescope, feed the chickadees and find out how to become a friend to birds.

Biodiversity is Best

Learn how to make your garden a habitat for wildlife. See how (and why) the Botanical Garden grows a variety of plants which, in turn, attracts a variety of butterflies, bees, birds and even bats that will help in our garden. Create flowerpots from recyclables, plant seeds and spend some time in our greenhouses and gardens.

Nature Explorer Camps

Suitable for youth who have completed grades 4-6.

Activities may include: a full day nature hike, habitat stewardship, gardening for wildlife, animal and plant care, wilderness safety and survival, wildlife watching, orienteering, backpacking tips and trip preparation, trail etiquette, fun games, picnics and more. There will be a full day nature hike that will include a visit to the Fluvarium.


All programs have been developed at MUN Botanical Garden to present a number of themes in a fun, interactive way, utilizing nature trails, flower gardens, Oxen Pond, indoor and outdoor classrooms, and an outdoor games area.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.