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Teacher Workshop

Educator Workshop
October 14, 2015
MUN Botanical Garden 

Location: MUN Botanical Garden, 306 Mount Scio Road, St. John's

MUNBG Instructors:
Todd Boland, B.Sc., M.Sc., MUNBG Research Horticulturist
Christine Byers, B.Env.Sc., MUNBG Environmental Educator
Anne Madden, B.Sc., A.H.T., MUNBG Education Coordinator

Workshop Itinerary:

1. Welcome, Introductions and Overview of Program

2. Icebreaker Activity - Newspaper Flowerpot & Planting a Seed

3. PowerPoint Presentation – The Flora of the Somme; A Visual Overview

4. PowerPoint Presentation - Plant Classification Basics

5. Nature Hike - Ecology Concepts and Plant Collecting

6. Activity - Budding Botanists

7. Demonstration - Plant Preservation: Plant Press and Herbarium Specimens

8. Activity – The Dichotomous Key: ‘Keying Out’ Plant Identification

9. Activity and PowerPoint Presentation - Grocery Store Botany

9. Demonstration and PowerPoint Presentation – The Biology of the Flower

10. Discussion Group – The Flora of the Somme

11. Review and Evaluation

The Great War Project

Resources for the Botanist