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Botanist in Training

Botanist in Training

Program Title: Botanist Skills Development and Training
Program Duration: 2 hours
Location: School classroom or lab and school grounds

Instructor: Christine Gillard, MUNBG Environmental Educator + Seasonal Education Staff

Program Summary:
Botanists require a variety of skills in order to train and work as a botanist. This session will introduce several basic skills, including: seed propagation; specimen collection, preservation, and plant identification; data collection and analysis.

An important component of this program includes a visit to the school grounds and some plant specimen collection.  Participants must be prepared to go outside.

Activities May Include:

1. Growing Plants
Newspaper Flowerpot
Plant Propagation

2. Plant Collection
Nature Hike
Field Notes

3. Plant Identification
Budding Botanists
Dichotamous Keys
Field Guides

4. Plant Specimen Preservation
Plant Press
Herbarium Labels

5. Binomial Nomenclature
What's in a Name?

Botanist Skills Program PowerPoint