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Educator Workshops 2014

The Great War Project Educator Workshop
September 18, 2014
MUN Botanical Garden

Location: MUN Botanical Garden, 306 Mount Scio Road, St. John’s
Refreshments provided by the Garden Cafe

MUNBG Instructors:
Todd Boland, B.Sc., M.Sc., MUNBG Research Horticulturist
Christine Byers, B.Env.Sc., MUNBG Environmental Educator
Anne Madden, B.Sc., A.H.T., MUNBG Education Coordinator


1. Welcome, Introductions and Overview of Program Classroom

2. Icebreaker Activity - Newspaper Flowerpot & Planting a Seed
(20 minutes) Classroom

3. PowerPoint Presentation – The Flora of the Somme; A Visual Overview (15 minutes) Conference Room

4. PowerPoint Presentation - Plant Classification Basics
(20 minutes) Conference Room

5. Nature Hike - Ecology Concepts and Plant Collecting
(1 hour) Nature Trail to Oxen Pond

6. Activity - Budding Botanists
(10 minutes) Classroom

7. Demonstration – Plant Preservation: Plant Press and Herbarium Specimens (20 minutes) Classroom

8. Activity – The Dichotomous Key: ‘Keying Out’ Plant Identification
(30 minutes) Classroom

9. Activity and PowerPoint Presentation - Grocery Store Botany
(1 hour) Conference Room

10. Demonstration and PowerPoint Presentation – The Biology of the Flower (1 hour) Conference Room

11. Discussion Group – The Flora of the Somme Conference Room