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MUN grad pursues renewable energy knowledge abroad

Director of Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions gives lecture in St. John’s

Magazine releases list of 100 most sustainable corporations worldwide


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Flooding linked to global warming: studies

Japan halts whaling hunt amid protests


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Costco caves to Greenpeace pressure stops selling red listed fish

Frog hunt ends: Most still absent

Japan halts whale hunt after chase by protesters

Drive to save the world's most endangered coral species

Extreme Storms and Floods Concretely Linked to Climate Change?

Hudson River Fish Evolve Toxic PCB Immunity


Green Business Initiatives

Posie Row
They use all biodegradable plastic bags in the shop, and have done so for a few years. They also continue to employ Atlantic Blue recycling (despite the start of the city recycling program) because they will recycle a wider range of items (such as glass) than will the city.

Check out their new website at:!

Frontline Paintball
They try to do everything possible to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible. They recycle all of their cardboard as well as cans/bottle. They try to motivate employees to do so by putting the funds towards our christmas party. They have also recently started using 100% oxo-biodegradable bags (after 6 months they are completely gone). They also only use paintballs which also break down on their own. Plus all of the small things like leaving lights and heat off or on low at both locations when it is not needed.

Check out their website at:!

Benson Myles

Hava Java

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