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Research Interests

1. Acoustic communication in shorebirds

I am interested in structure, variation, repertoire organization, geographic variation, phylogeny, and evolutionary trends in bird sounds, especially shorebirds. Some current work is on geographic variation and differentiation in sandpipers and plovers.



2. Vocal-tract anatomy of non-passerine birds

Vocal-tract anatomy in non-passerine groups has been pretty well described but only at a general level. Some current projects concern sexual dimorphism and allometry of vocal-tract size in raptors and phylogenetic patterns of morphology in sandpipers.


3. Dentition and cranial morphology of Carnivora

Skulls and dentition of Carnivora have been studied extensively but many microevolutionary questions remain. Two current projects are on cranial distinctiveness and sexual dimorphism in endemic Carnivora of insular Newfoundland and tooth variation and allometry in pinnipeds.