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Some Significant Publications by Other Workers

Thanks to Larry Witmer at Ohio University (, a comprehensive and profusely illustrated ATLAS OF BIRD ANATOMY is available online GHETIE, V. et al. (1976) Anatomical atlas of domestic birds. Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste România, Bucharest. PDF

LOGUE, C. M. (1982) The development of vocal communication in the Lauging Gull (Larus atricilla). Ph.D. thesis. Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. 181 pp. PDF

English translations of three collections of Russian papers, mainly on MUSTELIDS
KING, C. M. [Ed.] (1975)
Biology of Mustelids: Some Soviet Research. British Library Lending Division, Boston Spa, United Kingdom. 266 pp. PDF
KING, C. M. [Ed.] (1980)
Biology of Mustelids: Some Soviet Research, Vol. 2. DSIR Bulletin 227. Science Information Division, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Wellington, New Zealand. 214 pp. PDF
YURGENSON, P. B. [Ed.] (1961) Studies on Mammals in Government Preserves: A Collection of Papers. Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem. 224 pp. [Four mustelid papers plus papers on Eurasian Beaver (44 pp.), Mountain Hare (13 pp.), and Sika (73 pp.)] PDF

English translations of two papers on BIRD VOCALIZATIONS
HINSCH, K. (1972)
Akustische Gesangsanalyse beim Fitis (Phylloscopus trochilus) zur Untersuchung der Rolle der Luftröhre bei der Stimmerzeugung der Singvögel. Journal für Ornithologie 113, 315-322. PDF [with original paper]
WÜRDINGER, I. (1970) Erzeugung, Ontogenie und Funktion der Lautäusserungen, bie vier Gänsearten (Anser indicus, A. caerulescens, A. albifrons, und Branta canadensis). Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie 27, 257-302. PDF [With original paper]

Interesting review of ANCIENT ACOUSTIC SIGNALS OF ANIMALS (see Miller & Baker 2009 in shorebird publications)
SENTER, P. (2008)
Voices of the past: a review of Paleozoic and Mesozoic animal sounds. Historical Biology 20, 255-287. PDF

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