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Biology 1002

Biology 1002 : Principles of Biology

In Biology 1002, you will continue your exploration of the living world that you embarked on in Biology 1001.

However, in 1002, we will focus on those organisms that are unable to carry out photosynthesis but must obtain their nutrition from other organisms.

In addition to the heterotrophic protists, the major groups of organisms studied in this course belong to Kingdom Fungi and Kingdom Animalia (the animals).

BIOL 1001 is the only prerequisite for this course.

In this semester (Fall 2013) our text book will be "BIOLOGY - Canadian Edition" published by McGraw-Hill. Brooker et al. are the editors of this book, and we will be using the 1st edition.

You will also need the lab manual for Biology 1002. Both these texts are available at the MUN Bookstore.

LECTURES will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon.

Our scheduled classroom is ED 2018A, however, renovations have taken longer than expected, and this classroom is not available yet.

I hope that ED 2018B will be available but this is yet to be confirmed.

As soon as I know where the first few classes of the semester will be held, I will post the location on this site and also on D2L.