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The Ecology and Evolution of Mosses in the Family Splachnaceae



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 Alaska  Chile Newfoundland 


Funding to Robert Raguso and myself from the National Institute of Health South Carolina Biomedical BRIN program and more recent  funding from the National Geographic Society to Robert Raguso, Bernard Goffinet and myself has given us the exciting opportunity to identify odour chemistry and explore spore dispersal in Splachnaceae mosses both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


NIH -BRIN Funded Research


 Kristie Quarles on Isle Royale, Michigan

This research funded two undergraduate students, Aadra Bhat and Kristie Quarles  to travel to collect Splachnaceae mosses and then learn to analyze their odour chemistry using a GC-MS in Rob Raguso's lab at the University of South Carolina.   Aadra collected Splachnaceae in Alberta and Kristie collected Splachnaceae in Isle Royale, Michigan and in Alaska. 



Splachnum ampullaceum growing on moose dung on Isle Royale


Mt. Denali, Denali National Park, Alaska

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