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Natalia Bykova


Natalia V Bykova

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Memorial University
232 Elizabeth Ave.
St. John’s, NL A1B 3X9
709-864-7946 phone
709-864-3018 fax
709-864-6766 lab phone

Research Overview


Research is centered on functional modification-specific proteomics; posttranslational coordination of signal transduction pathways induced in plants during biotic, abiotic stress response and seed development; the role of posttranslational signalling for bioenergetic functions of plant mitochondria; mass spectrometry-driven de-novo protein sequencing, analysis of phosphorylation, glycosylation and cysteine oxidoreduction; proteomics-specific experimental bioinformatics.


33 papers in refereed journals, three book chapters, three review articles and five papers in books.


Biology 4245: Biophysics

Biology 4255: Proteomics

Biology 7937: Proteomics (graduate course)

Biophysics 4245: Lab # 7 Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics