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Research Opportunities


Dr. Andrei Igamberdiev

Professor of Biology

Department of Biology

Memorial University of Newfoundland


For those who are interested in starting an MUN Honours Biology or Honours Biochemistry, interested in graduate work in the near future

Research Opportunities:

I am interested in working with undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue research in the field of physiology, biochemistry and physiological ecology of higher plants

Possible topics for Honours and Graduate students:

- Anaerobic operation of plant mitochondria: can plants respire without oxygen?

- Pathways of nitric oxide synthesis and scavenging in plant cells

- Physiological and biospheric role of photorespiration: balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cell and atmosphere

You can contact me either by email (, by phone (#4567) or visit my office (SN-4100).

I have NO graduate positions starting in 2012-2013