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Lab members

Current and recent students


Sydney London

MSc. Biology



Zahndra Butt and Erin O'Brien

(summer research, 2016)

Paul Pitts
MSc. Biology

(2013-2016 )



Sarah Tuziak

MSc, Marine Biology (2008-2010)

PhD, Biology (2011-2015 )


James Hayes

MSc. Biology

(2011- 2014)


Carla Penney

Honors (Biology)



Nicole Babichuk

MSc. Biology

(2010- 2012)


Kylie Goodyear

Honors (Biology)



Leah Hoskins

MSc. Biology


Alicia Wall

Honors (Biochemistry), 2010-2011

  Colleen Buckley and Meagan Abbott,

Honors (Biology)
(2009 - 2010)

  Jess Wyatt, Honors (Biology)
(2008- 2009)

Meiyu Xu

Ph.D Biology


Erin MacDonald

MSc. Biology

  Feeding goldfish
  Nicky, are fish contagious???

Exquisite dissection...

(L to R: H. Volkoff, N. Babichuk, S. Tuziak, L. Hoskins)

(photo: Shena Quinton)