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Biology 4040 Mycology

Ashley Sanford and Mark WilsonCortinarius mucosus associated with Red PineProtoplasts of Entomophaga

Course Description

The fundamentals of mycology with an emphasis on the diversity, cell biology and ecology of a broad range of fungi, including plant, animal and human pathogens and mutualists. Practical experience with yeasts, mushrooms and molds.Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisites: Biology 2060 and 3050.Note: Credit may not be obtained for both Biology 4040 and the former Biology 3020.For students registered in the course, course materials can be accessed via Web CT.


Dr. Faye Murrin SN4109 709-864-8018
Gary Collins, Lab Supervisor SN3126B 864-4004
Laboratory Teaching Assistant TBA


1) Kendrick, B. 2001. The Fifth Kingdom (recommended)
2) Arora, D. 1986. Mushrooms Demystified

Marking Scheme

Class Presentation
Midterm Exam
Laboratory reports
Final Exam

Course Outline and Schedule 2006

Topics in italics are based on student presentations
Schedule will be updated for 2007
Lecture SN4038
Lab SN 3116
Yeasts (10%)
1. Introduction
1-1. Fermentation
Part I: Fungal diversity
2. What are fungi?
3. Chytridiomycota
1-2. Life cycle and Genetics
4. Zygomycota
5. Ascomycota
1-3. Unknown yeast id
6. Basidiomycota
Mushrooms (10%)
7. Mushroom identification
2-1. Mushroom field trip
8. Genetics
9. Glomeromyota: a new phylum
2-2. Microscopy of Mushrooms
(1-4. Brewery Tour)
Part II: Cells & Development
10. Fungal cells and hyphal growth
11. Fungal Metabolism
12. Beadle & Tatum win Nobel
2-3. Mushroom id cont
13. Industrial Mycology
14. Budding Yeast Model
2-4. Mushroom id cont
15. MIDTERM (15%)
Part III: Fungal Ecology
House Molds (10%)
16. Introduction
3-1. Dilutions, plating
17. Mutualisms
18. Mutualisms cont.
3-2. Counts and isolations
19. Pathogens
20 Chytridiomycosis & behaviour
3-3. Mold Identifications
21. Pathogens cont.
22. Candida metabolism
3-4. Mold identifications cont.
23. Pneumocyctis infection
24. Human health cont.
4. Fine Fungal Dining (5%)