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PhD Comprehensive Examinations

CANDIDATE:   Maria Nieto Blazquez
TOPIC:  How does knowledge of phylogeny contribute to understanding biogeographic patterns?
DATE:   Friday, March 4, 2016
TIME:   10:00 am
PLACE: C.W. Andrews Room (SN-3125A)

CANDIDATE: Brittany Palm-Flawd
TOPIC:  What are the causes and consequences of within-population variation in migratory phenotypes for the evolutionary dynamics of populations?
DATE:   Wednesday, March 9, 2016
TIME:    2:00 pm
PLACE:  C.W. Andrews Room (SN-3125A)

TOPIC: The role of bacterial secondary metabolites in mediating mutualistic and parasitic symbiotic relationships with plants.
DATE:   Tuesday March 15, 2016
TIME:    2:00 pm
PLACE:  C.W. Andrews Room (SN-3125A)