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PhD Comprehensive Examinations

CANDIDATE: Mr. Marc Gruell
TOPIC: “Role of non-coding RNAs in bacterial gene Regulation.”
DATE: March 27, 2015
TIME:  2:00 pm
PLACE: C-4011

CANDIDATE:  Mr. Kyle Krumsick
TOPIC: "How do non-consumptive effects influence trophic interactions in the ocean?"
DATE: March 30, 2015
TIME:  1:00 pm
PLACE: C.W. Andrews Room (SN-3125A)

CANDIDATE: Ms. Jessica Benkaroun
TOPIC:  "Broad versus narrow – what are the viral determinants of host range?"
DATE: April 7, 2015
TIME: 9:30 am
PLACE: C.W. Andrews Room (SN-3125A)