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Biology 2120

Biology 2120 - Biology for students of Earth Sciences.

Introductory-level biology course for Earth Science majors. Focuses on diversity of life, organismal biology, and aspects of biology of greatest interest within the Earth Sciences.

NB: Lectures moved to room C3033. 23 Sept. 2009 to end of term.

Click here for syllabus.

Term project: scientific poster about a biological topic of interest to the Earth Sciences..
Student poster abstracts, references, and on-line poster files.

Links to Biology 2120 study guides and lecture notes.
Midterm study guide.

Final exam study guide.

Lecture Notes.

course introduction.

Classification and systematics

Chemistry of life.


Protein synthesis.

Metabolism and enzyme regulation.

Cellular respiration and Krebs cycle.

Photosynthesis 1 and photosynthesis2 - includes midterm sample questions.

Eukaryotic cell.

Cell division.


Non-vascular and Seedless plants.

Seed plant diversity.

Introduction to invertebrates.

Sponges, Cnidarians, flatworms and annelids.

Coral reefs.

Mollusks and arthropods.

Echinoderms and chordates.

Vertebrates - fishes.

Vertebrates - amphibians and reptiles

Vertebrates - dinosaurs.

Vertebrates - birds and mammals.

Vertebrates - Mammals-2009.



Biogeography and landscape ecology.

Conservation Biology.