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Lab Members


Pamela Burke (Honours, 2010)

Thesis: Burrowing preference of macrofauna based on sediment composition in the
Georges Basin area, Gulf of Maine


Rebecca Batstone (MSc, RDC Ocean Industries Student Research Awards Recipient, 2010 ‐)

Thesis: Understanding the evolution and ecology of Thyasirids from organically enriched areas around Newfoundland


Joe Mersereau (MSc, co-supervised with Dounia Hamoutene, DFO, 2011-)

Thesis: Evaluation of a visual approach to determine impacts of aquaculture on hard bottom habitats in NL


Jason Laurich (Honours and NSERC USRA recipient, 2011)

Thesis: Seasonal variations in symbiont abundance in Thyasirids from Bonne Bay, NL


Samantha Green (Honours, 2011 - 2012)

Thesis: Symbionts in wood-boring bivalves from Bonne Bay, NL


Andrew Bullen (Honours, 2011-2012)

Thesis: Phylotype variation in symbionts of Thyasira gouldi from Bonne Bay, NL