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Teaching - HD Marshall

Current Courses

Biology 3950/7931 Research Methods in Genetic Biotechnology (Fall & Winter)

Calendar Description

Research Methods in Genetic Biotechnology will include DNA extraction, DNA amplification by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA cloning, DNA sequence analysis and bioinformatics. Additional modules in gene expression and re-sequencing chip technologies may be included. This will be offered on campus as a three week course in the Winter semester or as a 13-week course in the Fall semester. Entry to the course will be by permission of the Head of the Department or delegate and preference will be given to senior students. Prerequisites: Biology 2060, Biology 2250 or Biochemistry 2100.

Past Courses

Biology 1001 Principles of Biology I

Course Overview

In the first of two introductory biology courses, we cover a range of material related to either the “process” or “pattern” of biology: these include an introduction to the diversity, unity, and evolution of living things, the chemistry of life, the origin of life, metabolism, genetics, and a survey of some of the major groups of life - prokaryotes, protists, and plants - accounting for most “autotrophic” organisms. We also consider the viruses. The latter portion of the course is devoted to the plants, where we delve into the evolution, nutrition and metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, and environmental adaptations of this versatile and diverse group of living organisms. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week.

Biology 4250 Evolutionary Genetics

Calendar Description

Evolutionary Genetics addresses advanced topics in the study of micro- and macro-evolutionary phenomena, including genetic variation in natural populations, theory of genetic drift, mutation, migration, inbreeding, and natural selection, neutral theory of molecular evolution, patterns of nucleotide substitution, heritability and quantitative genetics. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisites: Biology 2250 and 2900.