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Marshall Lab Members

Current Students

Jo-Anna ClarkJo-Anna Clark, PhD Candidate (and third year medical student)

Genetic and genomic investigations of hereditary hyperplastic gingivitis in silver foxes 

Barbara Langille, MSc CandidateBarbara Langille (and BGSC seminar co-ordinator)

Evolutionary genetics of longnose suckers in relation to the trans-Labrador highway

 Kim Chafe

Kim Chafe, MSc Candidate (co-supervisor Dr Hugh Whitney)

Genetic diversity and host use of Angiostrongylus vasorum (French Heartworm) in Newfoundland foxes and coyotes

Ainsley Latour, MSc Candidate (co-supervisor Dr Don Deibel)Ainsley Latour

Genetic divergence and population structure of cold water tunicates


Greg Dale, MSc Candidate (co-supervisor Dr Garry Stenson)

Development of quantitative PCR as a method for diet analysis in harp seals

Sarah Predham, BSc Honours Student & MUCEPSarah Predham

Population density and kinship of Northern Peninsula black bears

Desmond Whalen, BSc Honours Student