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Andrew Lang - Other Links

Here are links to the websites of the labs I worked in before arriving at Memorial in 2006:

Dr. Yousef Haj-Ahmad at Brock University

where I worked for 2 summers and my Honours project (1992-1994)

Dr. Tom Beatty at University of British Columbia

where I did my PhD and a 1 year post-doc (1994-2001)

Dr. Curtis Suttle at University of British Columbia

where I was a post-doc (2001-2003)

Dr. Gerry Plumley formerly at University of Alaska Fairbanks, but now at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

another post-doc (2003-2006)

Dr. Jon Runstadler at University of Alaska Fairbanks

and another (!) post-doc (2005-2006)

(JR has now moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology)