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For presentors / Pour les présentateurs

Oral presentations/Presentation orale:

-15 minutes total including questions (leave about 3 minutes for questions)

-15 minutes maximum includant questions evniron 3 minutes sera accorder pour repondre aux questions.

Please have an electronic copy of your presentation ready at registration. All presentations will be copied and made available to you for your presentation slot. We recommend you bring both a flash drive copy and a CD copy in case either medium fails. If you have a video or audio component to your presentation, be sure to have that video/audio file with your presentation file at registration. We recommend that you use Microsoft PowerPoint for your presentations. If you are not using PowerPoint please let the conference organizers know in advance so that we can make the appropriate accommodations.


-Poster size restrictions have been set to 45 inches by 45 inches!

-Format du poster dimension a respecter 45 pouces x 45 pouces


Note: The deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to Monday, February 18th.

Notez: La nouvelle date limite pour la préparation d'un résume est le 18 février.



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