International student groups

Memorial University is home to a large number of international student groups, societies, and associations. These groups may be an opportunity for you to network and learn more about the province, our programs, and life as a graduate student at Memorial.



MUN Arab Society

Bangladesh Students’ Association (BSA)

Brasileiros em Newfoundland

MUN Chinese Students and Scholars Association

MUN German Society

Indian Youth Association (IYA)

International Student Resource Centre (ISC) 709-864-2002, UC-6002

MUN Iranians

Korean Students Association at MUN

La Sociedad de Español en MUN / The MUN Spanish Society

MUN Malaysian Student Society

Muslim Students Association at MUN (MSA)

Newfoundland Japanese Society

MUN Nigerian Student Association (NSA)

MUN Pakistani Student Association (PSA)

SEAS @ MUN | South East Asian Students at Memorial University

MUN Vietnamese Association

Zimbabwean Society