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Accessing Banner HR Employee Self Service (ESS)

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to announce that Banner HR, including the new Employee Self Service (ESS), is now in production.

To access ESS, employees are asked to do the following:

1. Go to and log in with your MUN Login user name and password

2. Click on the Employee Services tab to access the Employee Self Service ­ Banner HR channel

3. Click on the button labeled Launch Employee Self-Service

4. At this point you should see the Employee Main Menu.  If you are not directed to either the Employee Main Menu or the Memorial Self Service Login page, or if you receive an error message of any kind, please contact the C&C Service Desk at 864-4595 for assistance.

If you are directed to the Memorial Self Service login page after you click on the Launch Employee Self-Service button in, please do the following:

5. Enter your nine-digit employee number in the User ID field

6. Click on the Forgot PIN button (Please do not use an existing Student or HR PIN. Your PIN must be reset.)

7. Answer the security questions presented to and follow the directions to reset your 6 digit Memorial Self Service PIN.  Please note, employees must correctly answer the first security question presented. This may be a previously registered secret question or your date of birth. Of the remaining three questions, at least two must be answered correctly.

Clients may notice that some employee information, such as Leave Balances, Pension Statements and Group Benefits Statements are not yet available in the new Banner ESS. This information will continue to be available from the Employee Self Service ­ Banner HR channel in and can be accessed from the links above the Launch Employee Self-Service button.

If you experience problems resetting your Memorial Self Service PIN, have questions about the portal, or have problems access Employee Self Service, please contact the C&C Service Desk at 864-4595 or