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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Memorial University implementing Banner HR?

    This system is the result of a strategic investment designed to strengthen and integrate university systems. Banner HR is the third module to join Banner, following Finance and Student. The Banner system will provide consistent data across the University, enhance reporting capabilities and increase efficiency.

  2. When will the new systems go live?

    Banner HR will go live on December 14, 2012. Our first payroll run using Banner HR will be January 3, 2013.

  3. What are the enhanced features of Banner HR?

    The Banner system, including the Cognos reporting tool, provides the following benefits to students, faculty, staff and alumni:

    • Single database platform to ensure accurate and consistent data
    • Integrated system linking administrative processes
    • 24/7 availability (except for scheduled maintenance windows)
    • More robust, state-of-the-art information technology

  4. How will I learn how to use Banner HR ?

    A wide range of sessions and training opportunities will be available. The people who will use Banner HR on a regular basis in their work at Memorial will receive comprehensive training in the Fall, 2012 and ongoing support in January 2013 and beyond.

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