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Week Update - 06/22/12


Training and Implementation

  • The core team was involved with Testing – Phase II with Ellucian, including a test payroll. We worked through our Test 100 population and confirming earnings and deductions that have been properly configured.


  • We will be creating two portal channels to replicate current functionality – access to pay statement and access to leave information. We are targeting July 27 to have portal channels to test with Banner HR.
  • Development on the Job Evaluation system continues. The goal is to have this ready to test by August 31st.

Week Update - 06/08/12


Banner HR Build

  • Continued testing this week using Test 100 population (our varied sample of data). Payroll testing has been processed up to the calculation step and earnings and deductions are being successfully reconciled with the current system.
  • Meetings were held with additional HR units to discuss reporting requirements.

Training and Implementation

  • The next training session is our Testing – Phase II with Ellucian. We will continue working through our Test 100 population and confirming earnings and deductions that have been properly configured. Eventually, (targeting August 13-18) we will use converted data for these tests.

Data Conversion

  • Out of 25 confirmed tables associated with our Banner HR conversion, we have completed 17 and added the data to the conversion database.
  • The focus now is on the deductions and benefits information. We are targeting the end of June/early July to have the first instance of conversion scripts and data for this area.

Week Update - 06/01/12


  • Payroll testing processed and earnings and deductions successfully reconciled
  • Meetings held with three HR units to discuss reporting requirements
  • Training session planned to test how Banner HR interacts with Banner Finance
  • Almost 70 per cent of data from old system converted to Banner HR

Week Update - 05/25/12


  • Payroll adjustments – void, and manual cheques
  • Retroactive pay
  • Late pay runs
  • Supplemental payrolls
  • Posting earnings/benefits to account receivable
  • Completing data mapping to support academic leave/promotion and tenure information; review for gaps

Week Update – 05/18/12


Banner HR Build

  • Additional testing this week and next using our Test 100 population (our varied sample of data). We have added B2 (lag payroll) and M1 (Pensioners) to our test set. The M1 payroll testing has been processed up to the calculation step and earnings and deductions have been successfully reconciled with the current system.

 Education and Training

  • Internal training sessions with the core HR and Academic team members began this week and was very well received. The first session focused on Banner HR orientation/navigation.
  • Documented procedures to setup positions, jobs, and individuals are being created. These specifically describe how to interface with five key Banner HR screens (NBAPOSN, NBAPBUD, PEANEMPL, PPAIDEN, NBAJOBS).
  • Next week we will have our next training/implementation session with ellucian – we will focus on Advanced Payroll/ Finance Rule Class Codes/Testing/Bank Reconciliation

Week Update – 05/11/12


  • In the process of developing solutions to accommodate the requirements of the Marine Institute. A proposed solution to capture their training data requirements has been completed and our leave category table has been updated to include the leave accruals. The next steps will be to set up the rules for seniority reporting.
  • The next session with ellucian (SunGard) is planned for the week of May 21st, when we will discuss Advanced Payroll topics. A separate Finance consultant has been engaged for this session and Finance representatives have been notified.
  • Continuing education to the HR team will start on May 15th. This session will introduce staff to the Banner HR system and teach them some basic navigational skills. A training document is being drafted and will be finalized next week and provided as a handout at the session.
  • Testing and modification to support our data conversion work was completed. We will start moving more HR data to our conversion database next week.

Week Update – 05/04/12


  • Payroll data (earnings and deductions) from iTrust (current system) to Banner HR for our salaried payroll was successfully reconciled. 
  • Training for HR staff is getting underway. An orientation to Banner HR that introduces staff to the Banner HR system and teaches some basic navigational skills was held on May 11, 2012. 
  • Data conversion plan is complete and members of the C&C and HR departments are reviewing.


April 2012

  • Human Resources team continues to work on system design activities: pay information reconciled against current system.
  • Data conversion approximately 40% complete
  • Academic-focused training session included faculty tracking, grievance processing, employee relations and bargaining
  • Project team developing training plan for internal Human Resources staff and for larger university community.
  • Communications plan in development

March 2012

  • Coding/entering test cases and running payrolls up to the calculation process to verify earnings and deductions.
  • Data conversion planning and initial testing ongoing as team works to merge data from the current HR system with current Banner environment
  • HR and Finance Interfaces training concluded n March 22nd. The focus was on personnel salary and benefit budgets, encumbrances, expenditures and payable items

February 2012

  • Meetings between Human Resources and academic team focused on academic needs for phase one of implementation, including: tracking appointment/leave/promotion and tenure information in Banner HR
  • Basic data for benefits and deductions entered into the system
  • Morneau-Shepell selected as vendor for pension administration system

January 2012

  • Data mapping exercises completed. Focus on how to move data from mainframe to planning to Banner HR.
  • Training session for managing actual data conversion
  • Data Standards Committee begins development of Memorial University’s data standards for new Banner environment. Procedure for appointing data stewards and custodians was formalized.

December, 2011

  • Training session for time entry and payroll administration
  • Technical training for Banner HR that focused on data mapping and utilities
  • Faculty Relations and the Vice President (academic) office provided a required report list for phase one of Banner HR implementation