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Frecker Programme - Participants

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the full term Frecker immersion program at the Francoforum in Saint-Pierre. We trust you will take full advantage of the opportunities offered by this program and enjoy an experience that should prove both challenging and rewarding.

Please bear in mind that your University and Province will be judged by what you do and say. Beyond the language differences there are cultural, social and legal differences that must be taken into account. These will be discussed during Orientation. The Francoforum and Memorial University cannot be held responsible for your behavior or actions.

The following information will help you prepare for your semester in Saint-Pierre.

Travel to and from Saint-Pierre

Frecker Program participants travel to and from Saint-Pierre by air as a group. Because of airline regulations, your suitcase (or 2 suitcases) should have a total weight not exceeding 25 kilos. Choose your belongings with care!

Canadian citizens require no Visa to visit Saint-Pierre. However, you will be required to show adequate photo identification both at St. John's Airport and at French Customs and Immigration in Saint-Pierre. You may use a valid Canadian passport for this purpose, or alternatively, your birth certificate (not baptismal certificate) and MUN student ID. Top

Accommodation in Saint-Pierre


During your stay in Saint-Pierre, you will be housed with a host family (pension) not a student residence or commercial hotel. This means you will be sharing the home of a host family and that you will be expected to conform to the "house rules" of that family.

Pensions are within reasonable walking distance of the Francoforum where classes are given. Since you will be walking to and from your pension at least twice a day (meals are taken in the pensions), it is important to include in your luggage sensible walking shoes or boots and warm clothing including your raincoat.

Unfortunately, it is difficult in Saint-Pierre to find suitable accommodation for students with serious allergies or medical disabilities. Every effort will be made to take into account the requests with regard to pensions that you indicated in the Survey. The Francoforum, however, cannot guarantee to accommodate all personal preferences.

Information on the pension where you will be staying will be made available at Orientation. Top

Telephone Calls in Saint-Pierre

Aliant and Telus cell phones allow for communication between Saint-Pierre and Newfoundland. Please note that use of cell phones is not permitted in the Francoforum or during scheduled activities. Furthermore, we ask you to bear in mind your commitment to communicating only in French. Top

Courses and Credits

At the Frecker Program, you will be registered for the following courses: French 2100 and 2101, 2300, 2900 and 2601 or 2602. If you have already received credit for any of these courses you will not be awarded additional credit, although you may obtain a higher grade for the repeated course or courses.

Final examinations will be written in Saint-Pierre during the last week of the program.

After successful completion of the Frecker Programme

  • if you are completing a French Major, you will need to take French 2602 (or 2601) and 3rd-year level courses (French 3100, 3101, 3302, 3310, 3311, 3500, 3501, 3502, 3503, 3504, 3650, 3651, 3653).
  • if you are completing a French Minor, you may proceed directly to French 3100.

Study Materials

Frecker has ample dictionaries available for use at the Francoforum. A unilingual dictionary is also available at your pension. However, you may wish to bring a dictionary for your personal use. Compact electronic dictionaries are currently available in bookstores.

Given the high cost of imports in Saint-Pierre (particularly from non-EEC countries such as Canada), you would be well advised to take a supply of paper, exercise books, writing materials etc.


Personal Items

You may wish to take your own small supply of commonly used products with you, including shampoo, contact-lens solution etc. Personal hygiene products are quite costly.


Electrical Appliances

It is not advisable to bring electrical appliances since many suffer damage when used in areas where the electrical system is different from that for which they are designed. Saint-Pierre uses the European 220-volt 50Hz system (as opposed to the 120-volt 60Hz in Newfoundland).

Note that some appliances, such as hair dryers, may be specifically designed to work with a 220-volt 50Hz electrical system (dual-voltage). The AC adapters of most laptop computers accept 120-240 volts: this will be stated on the adapter.

If planning to use a Canadian appliance in Saint-Pierre, bring a plug adapter and a voltage transformer. These are both available in St. John's (The Source, FutureShop).

Cell phones can be recharged at the Francoforum.



Most stores and businesses in Saint-Pierre accept Canadian dollars. It is preferable, however, to use Euros because the exchange rate used by commercial establishments favors the Euro.

Banking machines in Saint-Pierre accept major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) but not commercial or credit union credit cards. Canadian debit cards with the Interac symbol can also be used to draw money (but not to pay goods).

We recommend taking a debit card that has the Interac symbol, and a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). We would also suggest arranging for Internet banking with your bank.

Rates charged for converting funds from one currency to another vary according to Credit Card and Bank. Check with your institution for the rates involved.

It is not possible to cash personal cheques at banks in Saint-Pierre. Only certified cheques or official cheques are accepted.

You may also bring Traveler's Cheques, which are sold at Canadian Banks. Top

Health Care

Visitors to Saint-Pierre are covered by the Newfoundland Medical Care Plan. Please bring your MCP card. You will receive an application form for an MCP "Out-of-Province Coverage Certificate" when completing procedures in preparation for your semester.

Please note that upon your return you must contact MCP to ensure that your provincial medical coverage is reinstated.

You will have to pay cash for medical visits (about $30 per visit) while in Saint-Pierre and seek reimbursement from MCP upon your return.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs available in Saint-Pierre are often not the same brands or composition as those found in Canada. They may also be less readily available, and more expensive than their Canadian equivalents. If you are on medication, please ensure that you take enough supplies to last the whole 13 weeks. Top

Student Health and Dental Plan

Student Health and Dental Plan provides coverage in Saint Pierre for the semester in Saint-Pierre. We will provide MUNSU with a list of Frecker participants. No action is required on your part. If you have opted out of the Student Health Plan, you need to check with your insurance company that you are covered for the full three months out-of-country.



Frecker students at the Francoforum are normally provided with membership for the Centre Culturel et Sportif de Saint-Pierre; each student will be able to swim for free. However, many of the activities at the Centre are offered on a user-pay basis. It is suggested that you budget sufficiently if you wish to take full advantage of the Centre's facilities.

Since you may have the opportunity to participate in activities such as swimming, tennis, skating, aerobics, handball, basketball, etc. be sure to bring appropriate clothing and equipment (where practical) for the activities that interest you.

Anyone who plays an easily transported musical instrument is encouraged to bring it. The program has a piano at the Francoforum.

Given that students participate in field trips and other extracurricular activities, you will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability. Top


You will be given the name and address of your pension at Orientation. Mail should be addressed "a/s" ("aux soins de" = in care of) or "chez ..." with the name of the owners of your pension, and clearly marked Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, North America.

Parcels may be sent to Saint-Pierre via the Provincial Airlines Fright Counter at St. John's Airport. Please note that parcels are weighed and charged accordingly and are also subject to custom's inspections upon arrival in Saint-Pierre.

Parcels should be brought to the airport within two hours and one hour of the flight. There are flights from St. John's to Saint-Pierre Wednesday at 10:15, Friday at 17:45 and Sunday at 16:45.

Parcels may also be sent by taxi and ferry.

Urgent messages may be telephoned to the Francoforum at 011-508-41-24-38 or faxed to 011-508-41-39-29. Top


Please note that attendance at all classes and participation in activities offered as part of the program are compulsory.

Exams are written in Saint-Pierre prior to returning. There is no mid-term break at the Frecker Program. Top


If, after arrival in Saint-Pierre, you decide to withdraw from the program without valid cause, you may be liable for the entire amount of the bursary awarded to the program on your behalf ($2,200).

With regard to refund of tuition fees, please refer to the Fees and Charges section of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar.

The Francoforum contracts with the host families to provide board and lodging for the full semester. A student who withdraws after the beginning of the semester cannot be replaced by another; as a result, only a partial refund $2000 program fee is possible, at best.

Please note that there are no refunds for planned activities in which a student decides, for any reason, not to participate. Top

Frecker Programme Policies and Contract

Modern technologies and improved transportation have made it necessary for the Frecker Programme to develop policies designed to protect the immersion experience for each participant and for the group as a whole.

We ask you to read through carefully the policies on use of French, use of cell phones and email, and absences from Saint-Pierre explained in the Frecker Programme Policies and Contract. Do not hesitate to contact me or the student resource person if you have questions relating to the policies and contract, or wish to discuss them.


Visits to Saint-Pierre by Family and Friends

Total immersion is an essential element in the Frecker experience. Even short periods of time spent conversing and thinking in English compromise and detract from the immersion experience and diminish the advantages derived from it. For this reason, the program strongly discourages visits from friends or family members who are unable or unwilling to communicate in French.


Have Questions?

Should you or your parents have further questions regarding the Frecker Programme, please feel free to contact us.

Your student resource person will be able to answer your questions from a student's perspective. His or her contact information is given in your formal offer of a place in the program.