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Frecker Programme - Accepted and Provisionally Accepted Students

This information is intended for students who have received a formal offer of a place in the Frecker Program next semester.

If you have received a provisional offer, follow the same steps for registering outlined below. The offer, your acceptance and registration become definitive when you complete 1502 with at least 70%. If you receive less than 70%, the program director will contact you to discuss options.

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the full term Frecker immersion program at the Francoforum in Saint-Pierre. We trust you will take full advantage of the opportunities offered by this program and enjoy an experience that should prove both challenging and rewarding.

Your formal offer of a place in the next Frecker Program includes the following important information:

  • The deadline for sending us a written confirmation (letter, email or fax) that you accept or decline the offer.
  • The Course Registration Numbers for the 5 Frecker courses.
  • The dates for Orientation.
  • The departure date for Saint-Pierre and the return date to St. John's.

We suggest that you constitute a file where you can keep your formal offer with other information and documents relating to Frecker for reference.

Your offer also came with 5 forms attached, the Students Survey, MCP Application for Out-of-Province Medical Coverage, Health Statement, Waiver of LiabilityandFrecker Program Policy and Contract on the use of French.. We would ask you to complete these forms and return them to us in the envelope provided.

There are a number of formalities to complete in preparation for your semester in Saint-Pierre. The following information is designed to assist you in completing all the necessary steps.


Cost of the Program

The funding provided to the program in your name by the provincial government ($2200) and the financial support of the Faculty of Arts is used to reduce the cost of the program to you, but there are other costs which we must ask you to bear.

Before you leave Newfoundland, you will be required to pay the same tuition and student fees that you would incur if you were taking five courses on campus.

In addition, you will be required to pay the $2000 Program Feeto help cover other costs, including travel to and from Saint-Pierre, textbooks, a portion of your room and board, program activities, and so forth.

Cost to the student is therefore $2000 (program fee) + $1275 (MUN registration for 5 courses) for a total of $3275. You will also need to pay the Student Health Insurance and Union Fees, but not the Recreation Fee. Once these costs have been covered, the only other expenses for your semester will be spending money.

Please note that Calendar regulations stipulate that all fees must be paid by the first day of class (St. John's campus); this will be prior to departure for Saint-Pierre.


Student Loans

If you are applying for a student loan, go to the on-line application site of the Newfoundland Loans Program, where you can complete the application on-line and receive a preliminary assessment prior to final submission. Since the program receives the government bursary on your behalf (you do not receive it personally), it does not enter into calculations for your student loan. Please note that you do not have to submit the application at that time.

It is imperative that you register for your courses as soon as possible in order for the Department to forward your name to the Student Aid Office in time for your loan to be issued before departure for Saint-Pierre.


Travel Documents

A Visa is not needed for travel to Saint Pierre, but make sure in plenty of time that you have the required ID, either

  • A valid Canadian passport (strongly recommended) OR
  • Your birth certificate AND MUN student I.D. or Driver’s Licence

Please note that a baptismal certificate cannot be substituted for a birth certificate


Accepting or Declining the Offer

You will need to confirm that you accept or decline the offer of a place as soon as possible but in any case no later than the date indicated in your formal offer. Returning the required forms in your stamped addressed envelope constitutes your acceptance. Declines should be sent to the French Department by email to, by fax or by letter.

If you do not confirm by the deadline for acceptance, the place that you have been offered will be attributed to a student on the waitlist. We will of course make every reasonable effort to contact with you before making this change.


Forms to Complete

You will need to complete as soon as possible the forms that were sent to you with your offer, the Survey, MCP Application for Out-Of-Province Coverage, Health Statement, Waiver of Liabilityand Frecker Program Contract on the use of French.

  • The Student Survey contains your emergency contact numbers and information that will help the Francoforum place you in a suitable Pension.
  • The MCP Application for Out-of-Country Coverage. Students from out of the province who have a Provincial Health Plan other than MCP, need to apply to their Provincial Health Plan for the same coverage. Other Health plans will require proof of registration in the Frecker Programme; this can be obtained by contacting the French Department by email.
  • The Frecker Program Policies and Contract explains in detail Frecker policy with regard to the use of French. The Contract, which students sign at Orientation, is a commitment to communicate in French for the duration of the Frecker Programme.
  • TheWaiver of Liability is the standard legal document required by Memorial University for all Study Abroad programs.
  • The Health Statement is the standard document required for all Memorial University Study Abroad programs.



The formal offer contains the Course Registration Numbers for the five courses taken in Saint-Pierre.

In order to help us organize the program, please register for your courses as soon as possible after your Registration Time.

Registration can be done by Internet or by telephone following the usual registration procedure.


Other Formalities to be Completed before Departure

  • Pay your Registration and Program Fees in plenty of time. Contact the French Department if there is a problem!
  • Attend Orientation.



There will be meetings for all students going to Saint-Pierre prior to departure at the times indicated in your letter of acceptance.

Attending Orientation is a program requirement.

At these meetings, you will be given information on various aspects of the Frecker program and life in Saint-Pierre. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and to meet students who have already completed the program.

Please note that because of space constraints, it is not possible for parents to attend Orientation.


Withdrawing from the Frecker Program

If you decide not to participate, please notify the Department immediately by email or fax, so that your place can be offered to a waitlisted student.