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Four classes per day dealing with gramática, cultura, literatura, historia, antropología in Spanish and conversation classes.

Lengua en acción

Study and discussion of aspects of the language relative to the different levels of linguistic expression and communication (phonetic, morphological, syntactic and lexicalsemantic) through exercises and utilization of diverse materials: composition and analysis of descriptive, argumentative and narrative texts, dialogues, audiovisual materials, readings, etc.

Civilización y cultura

Conversation based on current topics of interest in Spanish society with the intent of bettering cultural awareness as well as oral and written communicative skills. Interactive structure and activities : written communicative skills. Interactive structure and activities: group dynamics. Celtic tradition and the Spanish culture: history, art and folklore. Appreciation of Spanish culture through slide presentations, videos, films and on site experiences (excursions, fiestas, and folk festivals). Emphasis will be placed on Celtic tradition (legends, myths, dances, gastronomy, etc.)

La literatura, el cine y la sociedad española actual

An approach to learning and appreciation of Current affairs through readings from major Spanish newspapers (El País. La Vanguardia, La voz de Galicia), television programs (news, interviews, etc.) and/or films based on major literary works (A Don Quijote, La Colmena, Tiempo de silencio, Los santos inocentes, Historia de kronen, La escopeta nacional, or others). Classes will be based on presentations, group discussions and round-table projects.