Research Chairs and Fellows

Research Chairs

The Faculty of Arts hosts four of Memorial’s seventeen Canada Research Chairs, including a Tier One chair in North Atlantic Archaeology, and Tier Two Chairs in Aboriginal Studies (Anthropology), Natural Resource Sustainability and Community Development (Geography), and Regional Language and Oral Text (Linguistics). Arts is also proud to host the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Economic and Cultural Transformation.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Anne Dance (History)
Funded by ArcticNet/ReSDA
Supervised by Dr. John Sandlos
Research: Environmental legacies, resource development, and and remediation in the Arctic

Dr. Mark Turner (English)
Funded by grants to Dr. Golfman and Dr. Gordon
Supervised by Dr. Noreen Golfman and Dr. Tom Gordon

Dr. Lachlan Barber (Sociology)
Supervised by Dr. Barbara Neis
Funded by SSHRC
Research: Employment-related geographical mobility in construction in Newfoundland and Labrador, with a focus on the oil and gas sector

Dr. Lindsay Bell (Geography)
Funded by SSHRC
Supervised by Dr. Barbara Neis
Research: Employment-related geographical mobility in construction in Newfoundland and Labrador, with a focus on the oil and gas secto

Dr. Pam Hall
Public Engagement Postdoctoral Fellowship
Funded by Memorial’s Faculty of Arts, the Office of Public Engagement and the Shorefast Foundation.
Co-supervised by Dr. Sharon Roseman, Department of Anthropology, Dr. Diane Tye, Department of Folklore, and Dr. Charles Mather, Department of Geography,
Research: Working Knowledge - Working Art

Dr. Sandrine Jean
Funded by the Faculty of Arts
Supervised by Dr. Sharon Roseman in the Department of Anthropology
Research: Housing Choices and Place-based Identities: Residential Strategies of Mobile Middle-Class Families

Dr. Andrea Procter
Labrador Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship
Funded by Faculty of Arts and Labrador Institute
Supervised by Dr Mario Blaser
Research: Exploring reconciliation: Indigeneity and Solidarity in Labrador

Dr. Taruna Shalini Ramessur
Funded by CARE (ACOA) Collaborative Applied Research in Economics
Supervised by Dr. Wade Locke, Department of Economics,
Research: The economics of climate change, poverty and gender issues.

Dr. Mark Turner
Funded by grants to Drs Golfman and Gordon
Co-supervised by Dr. Noreen Golfman, Department of English, and Dr. Tom Gordon, School of Music
Research: historical Newfoundland and Labrador cinema

Dr. Michael Connors Jackman
ISER Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Funded by ISER
Supervised by Dr. Ailsa Craig, Head, Department of Sociology
Research: From Dangerous Sexuality to Homonationalism: Investigating Changing Attitudes towards Sexual Minorities in St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1969-2016