BA Research/Writing Requirement

Fall 2015

For the comprehensive and current list of courses, search for research writing courses in Self-Service by:

  1. Logging into Self-Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “ Look-Up Course Offerings”
  4. Select “Spring 2014-2015”
  5. Select "Advanced Search"
  6. Go to “Attribute Type” and Select “Research and Writing”

The following courses applicable to the B.A. Research/Writing "Core Requirement" are scheduled to be offered in the Fall 2015 semester on the St. John’s campus:

Research Writing Courses

Subject Course Section
ANTH 2410 1
ANTH 2411 1
ARCH 4994 1
ENGL 2000 2
ENGL 2001 1
FOLK 2100 1
GNDR 2005 1
GERM 2900 1
HIST 1011 1
HIST 1012 1
HIST 1012 2
LING 2210 1
MATH 2130 1
PHIL 1200 1
PHIL 1200 2
PHIL 1200 3
POSC 2010 1
RUSS 2600 1

 Critical Reading and Writing Courses 

Subject Course Section
ARTS 1500 1
ENGL 1080 Multiple
ENGL 1101 Multiple
ENGL 1102 Multiple
ENGL 1110 Multiple
PHIL 1230 1

Please note the above courses are subject to change. The above list is accurate as of March 6, 2015.

Please Note

The criteria governing Faculty of Arts Research/Writing courses are currently under review. Not all courses that are presently formally designated as Research/Writing courses strictly adhere to all of the criteria listed. However, they will still be accepted as meeting the Research/Writing core requirement until August 31st, 2015.

Revised Criteria for Designation as Research/Writing Courses Approved May 2000

Download the criteria (PDF)

Research/Writing courses are designed to encourage research skills, critical thinking and effective writing and must include components intended to achieve that result. These courses are intended to serve the needs of the Faculty of Arts as a whole and will focus on the principles of research and writing applicable to all disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Research/'Writing courses are intended to have significant process content, that is to say, they should focus on the development of appropriate Research/Writing skills using content/methodology/texts appropriate to the particular discipline. Discipline-based content will be illustrative, serving as the focus for research and writing assignments.

  1. Process includes instruction and practice in the steps to be followed in research and writing activities. Research and writing are inextricably linked and together account for at least 60% of the final grade of Research/Writing courses. A significant portion of class time will be devoted to instruction in and discussion of the process of research and writing.

  2. The research process is defined as any sequence of data and/or information gathering and analysis procedures that go beyond the primary/central text or textbook. This will include instruction in selecting, gathering and analysing material from one or more of the following sources: library materials in various formats and media, documents and archival materials, Internet sources, interviews, and data in computerized formats. Where the research focuses on library and/or Internet sources, students should be made familiar with appropriate facilities of the University Library, with instruction by Library staff. Where the research requires particular computer software or techniques, students should receive instruction in suitably equipped computer laboratories. The research process may include some/all conceptual and logical analysis of the topic or problem, identifying and accessing resources appropriate to the topic, summarizing and documenting secondary and other source materials, and appropriate analysis of statistical data. It includes preparation of bibliography, note taking, organization of ideas and the development of a hypothesis, thesis statement or argument.

  3. The writing process includes the writing students do in order to fulfil the research requirement as well as other writing in the form of short papers, journals, presentations, reports and analyses. Students will receive critical evaluation of all assignments as well as the opportunity to improve their skills through revision and rewriting of the principal research project(s). The writing process will include some or all of the following elements: instruction and opportunity for practice in basic writing techniques as vocabulary building, sentence structure, paragraphing (including such topics as writing a topic or thesis statement, writing introductory paragraphs, using various means to build sound paragraphs, sequencing of ideas) outlining, precis writing, paraphrasing, essay construction, using quotations,methods of citation, grammar and mechanics such as punctuation. The writing process will also include some or all of the following elements: generating a thesis statement and an outline, sequencing an argument and producing a draft, revising the draft, properly documenting citations and sources, preparing a bibliography of sources cited in the research assignment(s), appropriate use of tables and charts to display statistical information, and appropriate use of language to summarize and discuss such material in the text of a paper. Opportunities for writing may be formal (essays, reports, short assignments) and/or informal (journals, short oral presentations).

  4. To be designated as a Research/Writing course, a course outline will show in the breakdown of the grading system (at least 60% of the final grade) how students will be called upon to perform sequenced or progressive research and writing activities and how they will be graded or evaluated on those activities.

  5. Research/Writing courses will be at the introductory (1000 and 2000) level. Courses focusing on discipline-specific research and writing techniques are the responsibility of each individual Department or Programme and may not necessarily be at the 1000 and 2000 levels.

  6. Research/Writing courses will have a ceiling of 35 students.

  7. All assignments in Research/Writing courses will be graded on the basis of university standards regarding presentation (including grammar and spelling) and content.

  8. There will be a sub-committee of the Undergraduate Studies Committee appointed to receive and recommend approval of Research/Writing courses within the Faculty. They will apply these criteria to the approval of all Research/Writing courses submitted to the Undergraduate Studies committee by departments. There will be a periodic review of all Research/Writing courses by the Undergraduate Studies Committee.