A Message from the Dean of Arts

Dr. Lynne Phillips, Dean of Arts

June 2015

We welcomed beautiful weather for the convocation ceremonies on the St. John’s campus this week. For a change we weren’t battling the elements (no wind or snow!) and were able to bathe in some well-deserved sunshine.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all of our successful arts students - undergrads and graduates students alike - who crossed the stage at the Arts and Culture Centre this week. Graduating students also took part in our first annual Arts Convocation Soiree the night before convocation. This was a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, parents and guests to celebrate. It’s sure to become an annual event for our graduates in the future!

I believe that an arts education is the best foundation for any future. And as we move further and further into a world dominated by gadgets, computers, robots and drones, the ability to synthesize ideas, to be flexible, and to utilize creative and social skills, will become more and more valuable.

Dr. Noreen Golfman, our new provost and vice-president academic, said in her installation speech during Convocation that her arts degrees provided her with public skills.

I really like that concept. Public skills. Clearly they can take you a long way!

Much luck to all,

Lynne Phillips, Dean of Arts