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Avalon Chronicles

Avalon Chronicles

Avalon Chronicles serves as a means of communication among researchers in the early colonial history and archaeology of eastern North America. It also serves as a means of communication between researchers and the interested public. The Avalon Chronicles were published annually by the Colony of Avalon Foundation, Ferryland, Newfoundland until 2003. Future publications are currently on hold pending funding.

Buy the full set of volumes 1-8 for $75.00 Cdn. +GST.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 1

Contents: “Six Letters form the Early Colony of Avalon”; “Archaeology at Ferryland”; “Newfoundland 1936-1995”; “The House that Younge Drew? An Example of Seventeenth-Century Vernacular Housing in Renews”; “Looking for Cupers Cove: Initial Archaeological Survey and Excavations at Cupids, Newfoundland”; and “Behind the Scenes: Conservation Support for Historical Archaeology.” Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 2

Contents: “Seventeenth-Century Stone Construction at Ferryland”; “Anglicans, Puritans and Quakers in Sixteenth-and Seventeenth-Century Newfoundland”; and “A Seventeenth-Century Smithy at Ferryland, Newfoundland.” Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 3

Contents: “Portugese terra sigillata earthenware discovered at a 17th-century colonial site in Ferryland, Newfoundland”; “The role of religion in Lord Baltimore's colonial enterprise”; “Archaeology at Ferryland, Newfoundland - 1997”; “Baltimore vs. Kirke: Newfoundland evidence in an interegnum lawsuit”; and “Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century bottle seals from Ferryland, Newfoundland”. Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 4

Contents: “The aire in Newfoundland is wholesome good” - The Medical Landscape of Newfoundland in the seventeenth century by J.K. Crellin. Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century marked clay tobacco pipes from Ferryland, Newfoundland by Barry Gaulton. A seventeenth-century planter's house at Ferryland, Newfoundland by Douglas Nixon. Dating pre-cylindrical English wine bottles from Ferryland, Newfoundland by John Wicks. Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 5

Contents: A planter's house at Ferryland, Newfoundland by Amanda Crompton. Seventeenth-century tin-glazed earthenware from Ferryland by Eleanor Stoddart. A glimpse at Haffnungsthal: the First Movarian Mission in Labrador by Stephen Mills and Henry Cary. Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 6

Contents: George Calvert: Coutier, Colonizer, Capitalist, Catholic by John D. Krugler. An Early historic Beothuk occupation at Ferryland, Newfoundland by Rick Gaulton. William Strachey's unrecorded first draft of his Sea Venture saga by Ivor Noel Hume. Archaeology at Ferryland 1998-2000 by James A. Tuck and Barry Gaulton. Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Vol. 7

Contents: The Numismatics of Ferryland by Paul Berry. Counting in the New World: Two early modern tallies from Newfoundland and Labrador by Roman Kovalev. Archaeology at Renews, Newfoundland by Stephen F. Mills.
Price $9.95 Cdn.

Avalon Chronicles Special Edition Vol. 8 - The English in America 1497-1696

Contents: The English at Newfoundland in the Century after Cabot by Peter E. Pope. The first English house in the New World by Robert McGhee. The riddle of Roanoke by Ivor Noel Hume. Jamestown Pheonix by W.M. Kelso and Bly Straube. Popham: the First English Colony in New England by Jeffery P. Brain. Finding Cupers Cove: Archaeology at Cupids, Newfoundland, 1995-2002 by William Gilbert. Archaeology of the Plymouth Colony in Massachussets by Mary C. Beaudry, Karin J. Goldstein and Craig Chartier. The Archaeology of Ferryland, Newfoundland, until 1696 by Barry Gaulton and James A. Tuck. Lord Baltimore's Colony of Maryland and it's Capital of St. Mary's City 1634-1695 by Henry M. Miller. Lord Baltimore's Neighborhood: Standards of living on the seventeenth-century patuxent frontier by Julia A. King and Edward E. Chaney.
Price $24.50 Cdn.

Manuscripts and editorial correspondance should be addressed to:

James A. Tuck and Barry Gaulton, Editors
Avalon Chronicles
c/o Archaeology
Memorial University
St. John's, NL
Canada, A1C 5S7