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Tyrone Hamilton


  • B.A. (Honours) Archaeology. Simon Fraser University, 2012
  • M.A. Archaeology. Memorial University of Newfoundland, in progress.

Research Interests

Geoarchaeology; Provenance Studies; X-Ray Florescence Spectrometry; Isotopes; Geochemical Analysis; Lithic Technology; Metallurgy;  Iron Ore; Quantitative Methods in Archaeology; European/Inuit Contact in Southern Labrador.

Research Topic

My MA thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Rankin, will focus primarily on the provenance and geochemical analysis of Inuit artifacts comprised of iron from Southern Labrador. The iron having been brought over from Europe by Basque whalers and then acquired by the Inuit from their seasonal whaling settlements, can provide insights into the interregional interaction and trade amongst the Indigenous groups of the region during the early contact period. I will be utilizing iron isotope analysis in order to discern differences in trace elements from numerous iron artifacts.