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Master of Arts in Archaeology

Memorial University offers competitive funding packages to academically eligible full-time graduate students, both Canadian and international, in eligible programs.

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  1. The M.A. in Archaeology is offered in prehistoric or historical archaeology of Northeastern North America and the Arctic.
  2. The choice of speciality will govern the selection of supervisor(s), courses, and thesis topics. When candidates are accepted into the programme, they will be assigned one or more supervisors. Candidates' programmes shall be the responsibility of their supervisor(s), the graduate co-ordinator(s), and the Head of the department.
  3. If candidates' records suggest a deficiency in some area(s), the Department reserves the right to require that they complete additional undergraduate courses before beginning programme courses.
  4. Normally, the M.A. programme should take two academic years to complete, of which the first year will be spent in (a) completing course work, (b) writing and orally defending a thesis proposal before members of the faculty, and (c) beginning to carry out research. The second academic year will be spent in (d) completing research, (e) presenting an oral research report to the Department, and (f) completing a thesis.
  5. Candidates for the degree of a Master of Arts in Anthropology will be required to complete not fewer than 12 credit hours, nor more than 18 credit hours of courses at the graduate level.
  6. Most Department graduate courses are taught in either a seminar or tutorial framework; all courses require intensive reading, regular oral communication of ideas to faculty and other students, and preparation of written research papers and other assignments.
  7. Normally, during the second semester of the first year of study in the programme, a written thesis proposal which has been approved by the student's supervisor(s) will be circulated to all members of the Department. The written thesis proposal should be made available to faculty members at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of a student's oral presentation and defence of the proposal.
  8. Shortly following the completion of their research, candidates will be required to present an oral research report on their findings to the Department.
  9. A final draft of the thesis will be evaluated in accordance with the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies.