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PhD Dissertations


  • Miller, Aaron. Avalon and Maryland: A Comparative Historical Archaeology of the Seventeenth-Century New World Provinces of the Lords Baltimore (1621-1644).


  • Crompton, Amanda. The Historical Archaeology of a French Fortification in the Colony of Plaisance: the Vieux Fort Site (ChAl-04), Placentia, Newfoundland.
  • MacLeod-Leslie, Heather. Sankofa/Return and Get It: An Archaeological Exploration of Black Loyalist Identity and Culture, Nova Scotia.
  • Wells, Patricia. Social Life and Technical Practice: An Analysis of the Osseous Tool Assemblage at the Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site of Phillip’s Garden, Newfoundland.


  • Mounier, R. Alan.  The Aboriginal Exploitation of Questa Quartzite in Southern New Jersey.


  • Gaulton, Barry. The Archaeology of Gentry Life in Seventeenth-Century Ferryland.