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MA Theses


  • Bohms, Jeralyn. Illuminating Inuit Life at Double Mer Point: The Excavation of an 18th-century Communal Winter House.
  • Hamilton, Tyrone. An Experimental Geochemical Characterization Analysis of Archaeological Iron from the Central Contact Period of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Ingram, Sarah. "By Which So Much Happiness Is Produced": An Analysis of the Seventeenth-Century Tavern at Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • White, Lori. The Saddle Island Cemetery: Human Remains at a Sixteenth-Century Basque Whaling Station.


  • Davies, Michelle. Changing Relations: Gender, Work and Value among the Inuit in 18th Century Labrador
  • Dobrota, Paulina. Integrated Soil Analysis at an Inuit Tent Camp: Huntingdon Island 5 (FkBg-3), Sandwich Bay, South Labrador.
  • Ellerbrok, Brittany Ann. An Isotopic Reconstruction of Diet and Origins in an 18th-Century Mass Burial Site at the Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.
  • Miszaniec, Jason. Dorset Use and Selection of Firewood at Phillip’s Garden, Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland: An Application of Wood Identification on Archaeological Charcoal and Contemporary Driftwood.
  • Pike, Kelly-Anne. Bearing Identity: A Bicultural Analysis of Human Remains from Old Mission Point, New Brunswick.
  • Tapper, Bryn. An archaeological analysis of the distribution of French fishing rooms on the Petit Nord, Newfoundland.


  • Brandy, Eliza. Inuit Animal Use and Shifting Identities in 19th Century Labrador: The Zooarchaeology of Snooks Cove.
  • Keddy, Josh. An Analysis of Artifact Morphology and Material Frequence in Eight Early to Middle Labrador Archaic Lithic Assemblages from Northern Labrador.
  • Hatcher, Hilary. Exploring an Anglophone Presence at the French Fishing Room, Champ Paya, at Dos de Cheval (EfAx-09) in Cap Rouge Harbour, Newfoundland.
  • Tudor, Corina. Geophysical Investigations at the Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site at Phillip’s Garden, Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland.
  • Wolfe, Kara. Culture Contact in Southern Labrador and Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula: An Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Approach.


  • Guiry, Eric. Dogs as Analogs in stable isotope based human paleodietry reconstructions: Assessing the Canine Surrogacy Approach.


  • Anstey, Robert. The Dorset Palaeoeskimo Sites of Point Riche and Phillip’s Garden, Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland: Investigating Social and Functional Connections.
  • Clausnitzer Jr., Arthur. "As well as any beere”: The Seventeenth-century Brewhouse and Bakery at Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Cromwell, Thomas. The New Fort: An Examination of the Design and Construction of an 18th-Century Fort in Placentia, NL.
  • Hutchings, Corey. Complexity and Continuity: Labrador Archaic Occupations at Nulliak Cove, Labrador.
  • Jalbert, Catherine L. A Lesson in Stone: Examining Patterns of Lithic Resource Use and Craft-learning in the Minas Basin Region of Nova Scotia.
  • Kelvin, Laura. The Inuit-Metis of Sandwich Bay: Oral Histories and Archaeology.
  • Murphy, Phoebe. The Southern Component of the Labrador Inuit Communal House Phase: The Analysis of an 18th Century Inuit House at Huntingdon Island 5, Sandwich Bay.
  • Negrijn, Megan. Consumer Choice in Komaktorvik, Seven Islands Bay and Kongu, Nachvak Fjord.
  • St. John, Amy. An Interpretation of French Ceramics from a Migratory Fishing Station, Dos De Cheval, Newfoundland (EfAx-09).


  • Cloutier-Gelinas, Maryse. Through Space, Time and Otherness: A Spatial Analysis of Fifteenth to Twentieth Century Labrador Inuit Settlement Patterns.
  • Fleming, Robyn. Robert's Cove 1 (DjAv-05): A Transitional Recent Indian Site on the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland.
  • Kristensen, Todd J. L'anse aux Meadows (EjAv-01): An Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Investigation of Bird Use During the Recent Indian Period in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Lavers, Dominique. The Recent Indian Cow Head Complex Occupation of the Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland: A Geochemical Investigation of Cow Head Chert Acquisition.
  • Noel, Stephane. Fishermen's Foodways on the Petit Nord: Faunal Analysis of a Seasonal Fishing Station at the Dos de Cheval Site (EfAx-09), Newfoundland.


  • Bambrick, Jillan. Palaeoeskimo Sealskin Processing in Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland: A Paleoenvironmental Analysis.
  • Dick-Jacobson, Talva. A view of folk pottery's muddy past as seen through clay: An Analysis on a Sample of Ceramics found at the historic Caldwell Pottery Factory Site in Arrow Rock, Missouri.
  • Hardenberg, Mariane. In Search of Thule Children: Miniature Playthings as a Means of Socializing Children.
  • Jones, Jennifer. Pecheurs, Paturages, Et Petit Jardins: A Nineteenth-Century Garden Homestead in the Petit Nord, Newfoundland.
  • Staplefeldt, Kora. A Form and Function Study of Precontact Pottery from Atlantic Canada.
  • Tourigny, Eric. What Ladies and Gentlemen ate for dinner: The Analysis of Faunal Materials Recovered from a Seventeenth-Century High-Status English Household, Ferryland, Newfoundland.


  • Barnable, Stuart. Rattling Brook 1 (DgAt-1): An Examination of Middle Dorset Inner Bay Settlements.
  • Beaudoin, Matthew. Sweeping the Floor: An Archaeological Examination of a Multi-Ethnic Sod House in Labrador (FkBg-24).
  • Burns, Melissa. Symbols of the French Presence in Newfoundland: Breton Crosses and Calvaries- 1680 to Today.
  • Butler, Don H. Geochemical Exploration of Inuit Soilscapes in Northern Labrador.
  • Fay, Amelia E.M. Creating a Community Archaeology in Nain, Labrador.
  • Godbout, Genevieve. Breton Bread Ovens of the Petit Nord: The Archaeological Landscape of Foodways in the French Fishing Stations of Newfoundland.
  • Higdon, John. An Experimental Approach to Inuit Ground Stone Technology at Nachvak Fiord, Labrador.
  • Knapp, Rebecca E. An Analysis of Tabular Slate Tools from Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1), A Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site in Northwestern Newfoundland.
  • Newstead, Sarah. Merida No More: Portuguese Redware in Newfoundland.
  • Pace, Jessica E. This is Where I Live, But It's Not My Home: Archaeology and Identity in Sandwich Bay, Labrador.
  • Pentz, Benjamin C. A River Runs Throught It: An Archaeological Survey of the Upper Mersey River and Allains River in Southwest Nova Scotia.
  • Swinarton, Lindsay. Animals and the Precontact Inuit of Labrador: An Examination Using Faunal Remains, Space and Myth.


  • Brake, Jamie. Ashuanipi Kupitan: Excavation at the Ferguson Bay 1 Site in Western Labrador.
  • Hranka, Teal. After the Fire: The Resettlement of Ferryland, Post 1696 (CgAf-02, Area F).
  • Jurakic, Irena. Up North: European Ceramics and Tobacco Pipes at the Nineteenth-Century Contact Period Inuit Winter Village Site of Kongu (IgCv-7), Nachvak Fiord, Northern Labrador.
  • Leskovec, Barbara. A Rural Drinking Establishment in Ferryland: Life in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland.
  • Melnik, Mary. Salmon Net (EfAx-25): An Investigation of Groswater Material Culture Stylistic Variability in Newfoundland
  • Millson, Dana. A Re-Evaluation of Grooved Ware in the Milfield Basin, Northumberland: A Vitrified Foundation.


  • Brandon, Nicole. Rhenish, English and French Stoneware, 1550-1800, From the Ferryland Site (CgAf-2), Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Cogswell, Ainslie. House 18 and the Middle Phase of Occupation at Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1).
  • Halwas, Sara. Where the Wild Things Grow: A Palaeoethnobotanical Study of Late Woodland Plant Use at Clam Cove, Nova Scotia.
  • Lewis, Roger. Pre-Contact Fish Weirs: A Case Study from Southwestern Nova Scotia.
  • Neilsen, Scott. Intermediate Indians:The View From Ushpitun 2 and Pmiusik 1.
  • Penney, Mark. Pre-Contact Period Technological Organization at Nachvak Fjord, Northern Labrador.
  • Webb, Emily. Cranial Asymmetry in Newfoundland Maritime Archaic and Colonial-Era European Skeletal Populations: An Examination of Developmental Stability and the Impact of Muscular Activity on Cranial Morphological Variation.


  • Brewster, Natalie. The Inuit in Southern Labrador: A View from Snack Cove.
  • Cave, Beverley. The Petroglyphs of Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia: A Fresh Perspective on Their Physical and Cultural Contexts.
  • MacIntyre, April. House and Home: Scottish Domestic Architecture in Nova Scotia and the Rev. Norman McLeod Homestead.
  • Miller, Aaron. The Far East in the Northeast: An Analysis of the Chinese Export Porcelain Excavated at Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Pitre, Mindy. Development Anomalies of the Vetebral Column, Ribs and Exoccipitals in the Human Skeleton Remains from Two Cemeteries in England: St. Augustine, The Less, Bristol and the Quaker Burial Ground, Kingston-Upon-Thames.


  • Cary, Henry C. Hoffnungsthal: The Archaeology and Architecture of the First Moravian Mission to the Labrador Inuit, 1752.
  • Campbell, Jennifer The Huron of the Kawartha Lakes: Faunal Exploitation Strategies as Indicators of Change during the Pre, Proto and Historic Periods.
  • Beaton, Gregory A Chip off the Old Block : Investigations of a Maritime Archaic Lithic Workshop/Quarry Site in Big Brook (EjBa-2), Northwestern Newfoundland.
  • Temple, Blair Somerset and Dorset Ceramics at Seventeenth-Century Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Anton, Elaine St. John's Harbour 5 (HeEi-30) and an Examination of Groswater and Early Dorset Relationships in Labrador.
  • Wheatley, Kendra The Party Site (EeBi-30) and Beyond: An Interpretation of Groswater Mobility and Landscape from Port Au Choix, Newfoudland.


  • Wolfe, Christopher Middle Dorset in Southern Labrador- An Examination of Three Small Sites in the Porcupine Strand Region.
  • O'Driscoll, Cindy M. The Application of Trace Element Geochemistry to Determine the Provenance of Soapstone Vessels from Dorset Palaeoeskimo Sites in Western Newfoundlnad.
  • MacCarthy, Michelle Mobility, Migration and Projectile Point Diversity in the Late Paleoindian Period of the Far Northeast.


  • Wells, Patricia An Analysis of Faunal Remains from Two Groswater Palaeoeskimo Sites at Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland: Phillip's Garden West (EeBi-11) and Phillip's Garden East (EeBi-1).
  • Hull, Stephen Tanite uet Tshinauetamin? A Trail to Labrador: Recent Indians and the North Shore Site.
  • Eastaugh, Edward The Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site at Point Riche, Newfoundland: An Intra-Site Analysis.
  • Gilbert, William. Russell's Point (CiAj-1): A Little Passage/Beothuk Site at the Bottom of Trinity Bay.


  • Teal, Michael A. An Archaeological Investigation of the Gould Site (EeBi-42) in Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland: New Insight into the Recent Indian Cow Head Complex.
  • Crompton, Amanda J. A Seventeenth-Century Planter's House at Ferryland, Newfoundland (CgAf-2, Area D).


  • Stoddart, Eleanor. Seventeenth-Century Tin-Glazed Earthenware from Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Mills, Steve. Seventeenth-Century Life in Renews Newfoundland: Archaeological Analysis of an English West Country Planter's House.


  • Wicks, John Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Bottle Glass from Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Laybolt, Dawn A. Prehistoric Settlement and Subsistence Patterns at Gaspereau Lake, Kings County, Nova Scotia.
  • Nixon, Douglas A. The Seventeenth-Century House at Ferryland (CgAf-02, Area B).
  • Rast, Timothy L. Investigating Palaeo-Eskimo and Indian Settlement Patterns Along a Submerging Coast at Burgeo, Newfoundland.
  • von Hunnius, Tanya. Nutritional Anaemia: A Multiple Nutrient Hypothesis Concerning Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 in the Dickson Mounds Mississippian Period Skeletal Collection.


  • Murphy, Brent. Researching the Early Holocene of the Maritime Provinces.
  • Cridland, Jennifer. Late Prehistoric Indian Subsistence in Northeastern Newfoundland: Faunal Analysis of Little Passage Complex Assemblages from the Beaches and Inspector Island Sites.
  • Fogt, Lisa M. The Excavation and Analysis of a Dorset Paleoeskimo Dwelling at Cape Ray, Newfoundland.


  • Hiseler, George. Harp Seal (Phoca groenalndica) Canine Dentine Encremental Annuli as Indicators of Age and/or Season of Death.
  • Holly, Donald H. Revisiting Marginality: Settlement Patterns onthe Island of Newfoundland.
  • Carter, Matthew. The Archaeological Investigation of a Seventeenth-Century Blacksmith Shop at Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Gaulton, Barry. Seventeenth-Century Stone Construction at Ferryland, Newfoundland (Area C).


  • LeBlanc, Sylvie. A Place with a View: Groswater Subsistence-Settlement Patterns in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
  • Macey, Jeannette F. Demography and Disease of the Naestved Helligandshus Collection: An A.D. 15th to 19th Century Cemetary Population of the `House of the Holy Spirit' in South-West Denmark.
  • McEachen, Paul J. The Meadowood Early Woodland Manifestation in the Maritimes: A Preliminary Interpretation.


  • Erwin, John. An Intrasite Analysis of Philip's Garden: A Middle Dorset Palaeo-Eskimo Site at Port au Choix, Newfoundland.


  • Warren, Elizabeth Jan. Coastal Sedentism during the Atlantic Period in Nordhordland, Western Norway? The Middle and Late Mesolithic Components at Kotedalen.


  • Kristmanson, Helen. The Ceramic Sequence for Southwestern Nova Scotia: A Refinement of the Petersen/Sanger Model.
  • Murray, Maribeth S. Beyond the Laundry List: The Analysis of Faunal Remains from a Dorset Dwelling at Phillip's Garden (EeB1-1), Port au Choix, Newfoundland.


  • Burke, Charles A. 19th Century Ceramic Artifacts from a Seasonally Occupied Fishing Station on SaddleIsland, Red Bay, Labrador.
  • Kennett, Brenda. Phillip's Garden East: An Examination of the Groswater Palaeoeskimo Phase.
  • McAleese, Kevin. The Archaeology of a Late 18th Century Sealing Post in Southern Labrador George Cartwright's `Stage Cove'


  • Rutherford, Douglas E. The Archaic/Ceramic Period Transition in New Brunswick and Maine: An Analysis of Stemmed Biface Morphology.
  • McLean, Laurie. The Beothuk Adoption of Iron Technology.


  • Krol, Carol. Middle Dorset Settlement - Subsistence Patterns in Western Newfoundland: A view from Broom Point.
  • Sheldon, Helen Louise. The Late Prehistory of Nova Scotia as viewed from the Brown Site.
  • Simpson, David N. Prehistoric Archaeology of the Port au Port Peninsula Western Newfoundland.


  • Pope, Peter E. Ceramics from Seventeenth Century Ferryland, Newfoundland (CgAf-2, Locus B).


  • Auger, Reginald. Factory Cove, Trinity Bay: The Dorset Eskimo Occupation of Newfoundland from a Southeastern Perspective.
  • Penney, Gerald. The Prehistory of the Southwest Coast of Newfoundland.
  • Robbins, Douglas T. Stock Cove, Trinity Bay: The Dorset Eskimo Occupation of Newfoundland from a Southeastern Perspective.


  • Marshall, Ingeborg. Beothuk Bark Canoes: An Analysis and Comparative Study.


  • Sawicki, Anna. Palaeo-Eskimo Occupations in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.
  • Stopp, Marianne. An Archaeological Examination of the Baumann Site, A Precontact Lalonde Settlement in Simcoe County, Ontario.


  • Austin, Shaun. Cape Cove Beach (DhA1-5,6,7), Newfoundland: Prehistoirc Cultures.


  • Allan, Patricia. The Oxbow Site: Chronology and Prehistory in Northeastern New Brunswick.
  • Kennedy, Brenda. Marriage Patterns in an Archaic Population: A Study of Skeletal Remains from Port au Choix, Newfoundland.


  • Conaty, Gerald. The Wentzel Lake Site: A Stratified Prehistoric Archaeological Site in the Caribou Mountains, Northern Alberta.
  • D'Entremont, S. A. The Determination of Status at Port au Choix.


  • Chute, Janet E. A Comparative Study of the Bark, Bone, Wood and Hide Items Made by the Historic Micmac, Montagnais/Nascapi and Beothuk Indians.
  • Hodych, Carolyn E. An Investigation of the Lamellae in Human Acellular Cementum as a Possible Means of Determing Biological Age.


  • Madden, Marcie. A Late Archaic Sequence in Southern Labrador.
  • Renouf, M.A.P. A Late Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic Sequence in Southern Labrador.
  • Buchner, Anthony. Cultural Dynamics in the Grassland -Boreal - Deciduous Transitional Zone of Southeastern Manitoba: 1000 B.C. to A.D. 1000.


  • Clark, Brenda. The Development of Caribou Eskimo Culture.
  • Davis, Stephen. The Teachers Cove Site: An Archaeological Study of a Prehistoric Site on the New Brunswick Coast.


  • Carignan, Paul C. Prehistoric Cultural Traditions at the Beaches Site, DeAk-1, Bonavista Bay.


  • LeBlanc, Raymond Joseph. The Wigwam Brook Site and the Histoirc Beothuk Indians.
  • Mounier, R. A. Archaeological Investigations in the Maurice River Tidewater Area of New Jersey.


  • Schledermann, P. The Thule Tradition in Northern Labrador.