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Chandra Young-Boyle


  • B.A. Archaeology (Honours), Wilfrid Laurier University, 2008.
  • M.A. Archaeology, MUN, 2011 to present.

Research Interests

Zooarchaeology; Environmental History; Palaeoenvironmental Studies; Coastal and Island Archaeology

Current Research

My M.A. research involves the analysis of fish remains, specifically fish ear bones (otoliths), from Kiska Island in the western Aleutians. I am completing a chemical and morphological analysis of the recovered fish otoliths as a basis for a discussion of 1) Aleutian (Unangan) fish procurement patterns 2) seasonality; and 3) how the reconstruction of seasonal temperature structures of otoliths contribute to our understanding of changing climatic conditions in the North Pacific. Additionally, I am looking at a selection of otoliths from Ferryland, Newfoundland to further contribute to the development of this methodology and interpretative framework.