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Catherine Jalbert

Previous Education

  • BA, Anthropology, Franklin Pierce University, US, 2006
  • MA, Archaeology. Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2011


Dr. Lisa Rankin
Dr. Meghan Burchell


Archaeological Theory and Method; History of Archaeological Thought; Cultural Resource Management; Education; Gender; Pre-contact; Archaeology of the Northeastern North America; Lithic Economies; Technological Organization; Lithic Analysis; Craft Specialization.

Research Statement

My current research interests lie with modern-day archaeologists and the goal of my doctoral research is to analyze the working conditions of men and women in the discpline in Canada, with a particular focus on whether equity issues exist for women in contemporary archaeological practice. By identifying whether equity issues still endure, the aim of my research is to highlight what these issues are, where they are most prevalent, and how and why they are occurring.