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Catherine Hawkins

Previous Education

  • BA, Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2012.


Dr. Barry Gaulton


Historical archaeology; Northeastern North America; material culture; ceramic studies; trade.

Research Statement

During the course of my honours research I found that very little is known about English Border ware ceramics in North American archaeological contexts. This ceramic was produced along the Surrey-Hampshire Border in southern England between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and were one of the most common household wares used in England during that time. For my Masters research, I hope to present a complete analysis and interpretation of the English Border ware ceramics that have been excavated on seventeenth-century archaeological sites across Northeastern North America. My primary goal is to emphasize the importance of the presence of Border ware ceramics on colonial sites in British North America and to demonstrate the valuable information it can provide. Through this study I hope to gain a better understanding of the development of trade in North America as a whole. This research can also be used as a platform for achieving a better grasp of how Border ware was marketed throughout England and how it made its way across the Atlantic to some of the first English colonies in North America.