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Bryn Tapper

Bryn TapperAcademics

  • B.A. Archaeology & History, University of Southampton, UK, 1998
  • M.A. Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, in progress

Research Interests

Landscape archaeology, historic landscape characterisation, heritage management and conservation, GIS

Current Research

My current research is concerned with the analysis of the maritime cultural landscapes associated with the French inshore salt-cod fishery, located on the eastern seaboard of the Northern Peninsula (Petit Nord) of Newfoundland, during the period 1500-1904. Specifically, my focus is the spatial analysis of the distribution of fishing rooms, and the investigation of how environmental and cultural factors, both marine and terrestrial, influenced where sites were selected and subsequently established. Seasonal occupation led to an intense exploitation of natural resources (for bait, wood and water) and necessitated the installation of a navigational and cognitive infrastructure to sustain the industry.  The concept of the historic maritime cultural landscape is used to bridge the terrestrial sites of the fishery, with the region’s network of marine exploitation, landuse and navigation. Effects of cultural processes in the past persist in the form, fabric and character of landuse, both cultural and semi-natural, on land and at sea, observable in the region today.

Selected Conference Presentations

2014. An archaeological analysis of the distribution of French fishing rooms on the Petit Nord, Newfoundland, Canada. The 47th Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology. Jan 8-12, 2014, Quebec City, Canada.

2011. Local Authority Officers and Local Designation and Marine Data. ALGAO Maritime: Understanding the Marine Historic Environment. 27 Oct 2011, Plymouth, UK.

2008. Characterising England's Historic Seascapes - Presenting a method of Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC). The 3rd International Congress on Underwater Archaeology - Techniques and Scientific Methods. 7-14 July 2008, University College London, UK.

Selected Publications

Tapper, B, 2008. England's Historic Seascapes: Historic Seascape Characterisation Method Statement. A report for English Heritage, No. 2008R024. Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Council, Truro, UK.

Tapper, B, and Andy M. Jones, 2008. Stannon Down: a note on the landscape modelling. In Cornish Archaeology 43-44, pp.141-145. Cornwall Archaeological Society.

Tapper, B, and P. Herring, 2010. Historic Landscape Character and sensitivity mapping for Photo-Voltaic (Solar Farms) installations in Cornwall. A report for Cornwall Council and English Heritage. Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Council, Truro, UK.

Tapper, B, 2012. Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record Audit and Management Plan. A report for English Heritage. Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Council, Truro, UK.

Tapper, B, and D. Hooley, 2013. England's Historic Seascapes: mapping the character of the marine historic environment. In IKUWA 3: Beyond Boundaries - Proceedings of The 3rd International Congress on Underwater Archaeology, edited by J. Henderson, 2013, pp. 105-111. Bonn.