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Bryn Tapper

Bryn TapperPrevious Education

  • BA, Archaeology & History, University of Southampton, UK, 1998

  • MA, Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2014


Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía
Dr. Michael Deal


Rock art; landscape archaeology; ethnohistory; ethnography; ontology; maritime cultural landscapes; GIS.

Research statement

The indigenous rock art of the Canadian Maritime Provinces is a little-understood and underrepresented phenomenon in the archaeological and anthropological literature of eastern Canada. My research attempts to address the gap in current knowledge through the detailed analysis of the graphic content and landscape context of prehistoric and post-contact rock art sites of the region. Framing the rock art, spatially and temporally, within broader indigenous cultural traditions I investigate how petroglyphs, as a medium through which indigenous relational ontologies were made or expressed over time, enabled indigenous people to conceive their own past and negotiate their changing conditions. This can provide new perspectives on pre-contact indigenous cultural life in the Maritimes, and contribute to the understanding of how indigenous groups of the region adjusted to the arrival of Europeans from the 16th century onwards.