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Bryn Tapper

Bryn TapperAcademics

  • B.A. Archaeology & History, University of Southampton, UK, 1998
  • M.A. Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2014
  • Ph.D Archaeology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, in progress

Research Interests

Rock art; landscape archaeology; maritime cultural landscapes; heritage conservation and management; GIS

Current Research

My current research examines the content and landscape context of Mi’kmaq rock art sites in Atlantic Canada, with a specific focus on the known petroglyph sites of western Nova Scotia. The petroglyphs are investigated at various physical scales with three primary objectives: 1) to re-examine the types of symbols, motifs and glyphs produced, 2) examine the ways in which petroglyphs are arranged within rock art panels and how panels are placed on rock outcrops, and 3) survey the location of the rock-art sites within their wider landscape contexts. These scales of analysis allow the rock art to be framed, spatially and temporally, within broader Mi’kmaq cultural traditions and landuse. The research explores how rock art, as a medium through which Mi’kmaq relational ontologies were made and expressed over time, allowed indigenous people to conceive their own past and negotiate their changing conditions. This has the potential to provide new perspectives on the ways Mi’kmaq groups adjusted to the arrival of European settlers from the 16th-century onwards.

Selected Conference Presentations

2014. An archaeological analysis of the distribution of French fishing rooms on the Petit Nord, Newfoundland, Canada. The 47th Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology. Jan 8-12, 2014, Quebec City, Canada.

2011. Local Authority Officers and Local Designation and Marine Data. ALGAO Maritime: Understanding the Marine Historic Environment. 27 Oct 2011, Plymouth, UK.

2008. Characterising England's Historic Seascapes - Presenting a method of Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC). The 3rd International Congress on Underwater Archaeology - Techniques and Scientific Methods. 7-14 July 2008, University College London, UK.

Selected Publications

Tapper, B, and D. Hooley, 2013. England's Historic Seascapes: mapping the character of the marine historic environment. In IKUWA 3: Beyond Boundaries - Proceedings of The 3rd International Congress on Underwater Archaeology, edited by J. Henderson, 2013, pp. 105-111. Bonn

Tapper, B, 2012. Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record Audit and Management Plan. A report for English Heritage. Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Council, Truro, UK.

Tapper, B, 2008. England's Historic Seascapes: Historic Seascape Characterisation Method Statement. A report for English Heritage, No. 2008R024. Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Council, Truro, UK.