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Art Clausnitzer


B.A. History 2008 University of Southern Maine
M.A. Archaeology 2011 Memorial University
PhD. Archaeology Memorial University (on-going)


E-Mail: aclausnitzer@mun.caOffice: QC4020

Research Interests

Colonial North America, cod fisheries, early resource extraction industries, vernacular architecture, material culture studies.

Current Research

I am currently undertaking research related to the development of the colonial cod fisheries and how these industries helped to settle, form and influence European colonies in North America, particularly in New England and Newfoundland. Part of this research is looking at differences in the social, political, economic and ecological climate of each region and how all of these factors intertwined with each other to develop a holistic research framework for the study of that and other resource extraction industries.

Recent Publications/Research Reports

2014 A Case Study of Smoking Pipe Mean Dating Formulas from Smuttynose Island, Isles of Shoals, Maine. Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin (accepted for publication)

2013 Smoking Pipes of Smuttynose Island, Isles of Shoals, Maine: Analysis and Interpretation. Report on file with the Department of Archaeology, Memorial University.

2012 The Seventeenth-Century Brewhouse and Bakery at Ferryland, Newfoundland. Northeast Historical Archaeology 43, 2012.

2012 Archaeological Testing at Celia Thaxter’s Cottage. Appledore Island, ME, 2008-2011. Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin Volume 52 (1), Spring 2012.

2011 Smoking Pipes of the Nineteenth-Century Migratory Fishery in Red Bay, Labrador. Society for Clay Pipe Research Newsletter 79, Summer/Spring 2011.

Recent Presentations

2014 “The Use of Tobacco Pipes in Identifying and Separating Contexts on Smuttynose Island, Maine.” 2014 Annual Conference of the Society for Historical Archaeology, Quebec City, QC.

2013 “Little Hearths from Ten Miles Out: White Clay Smoking Pipes from Smuttynose Island, Isles of Shoals, Maine.” Council for Northeastern Historic Archaeology 2012 Annual Conference, St. John’s, NL.

2011 “As well as any beere: The Seventeenth-Century Brewhouse and Bakery at Ferryland, Newfoundland”. December Chapter Meeting of the Massachusetts Archaeology Society North-East Chapter, Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Andover, MA.