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Field School Program

‘Up the Shore’ in 2016: Archaeological Investigations at Tors Cove, Newfoundland

The Department of Archaeology’s 2016 field school will take place at scenic Tors Cove on the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula just 30 minutes south of St. John’s.

Two archaeological contexts will be investigated. The first is a 19th-century cemetery documented through non-invasive methods such as survey, mapping, geophysics (eg. ground penetrating radar and magnetometer) and archival research.

The second context is a late 17th-to early 18th-century English migratory fishery occupation where survey and excavation will take place in order to better document the site and the activities associated with it. The results should provide a valuable assemblage for comparison with other migratory fishery sites in the province. In additional to the field component, students will also gain practical experience in archaeological conservation, artifact identification and cataloguing in the laboratory at Queens College, MUN.

This year’s field school will teach students a variety of skills crucial to the practice of archaeology including archival research, geophysics, survey, excavation, conservation and cataloguing.

Location: Tors Cove


  • ARCH 3583 Archaeology Field School Orientation, on campus, Spring Term 2016, (May-June). This course is a prerequisite for taking the field school.
  • ARCH 3585-3586 Archaeology Field School, Tors Cove, Summer Term 2016, (July-August).

Contact info: Dr. Catherine Losier


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