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Roger Bill


BSc. (Sociology) Ball State University 1967

MA (Anthropology) Memorial University of Newfoundland 1974

PhD Candidate (Anthropology) Memorial University of Newfoundland

Professional biography

Following the completion of my Master's degree I joined CBC Radio as a producer and documentary maker. I worked 10 years for the national radio program SUNDAY MORNING covering Atlantic regional, national, and international political affairs. After more than 20 years with CBC Radio I became the Atlantic Bureau Chief for the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) a contributor to the Discovery Channel and Global Television, and a documentary maker for the Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). I also was a co-owner and editor of CURRENT,an alternative newspaper in St. John's.

Research interests

I returned to university in order to pursue my interests at length and in greater depth than what is possible in journalism. I am interested in culture, identity, Newfoundland, and the politics of recognition. As Newfoundland sheds its reputation as one of the poorest provinces in Canada I intend to track and analyze shifts in collective representation through the lens of tourism.


Roger Bill