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Lincoln Addison


  • BA, Carleton, 2004
  • MA, Carleton, 2006
  • PhD, Rutgers, 2013


Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Geographical: Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda); North America

Theoretical and Topical: Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology, Political Economy, Agrarian Change, Development, Biotechnology, Labour, Gender, Migration, Religion

Students Interested in working in any of these fields should feel free to contact me to discuss possible honours or graduate thesis supervision.

Contact Info

Phone: (709) 864-7818
Office: QC4014

Selected Publications:


  • “Delegated Despotism: Frontiers of Agrarian Labor on a South African Border Farm.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 14 (2): 286-304.

  • “The Sexual Economy, Gender Relations and Narratives of Infant Death on a Large Scale Tomato Farm in Northern South Africa.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 14 (1): 74-93.


  • “Factions in the Field: Social Divisions and Gendered Survival Strategies on a South African Border Farm.” In the Shadow of Zimbabwe: Migration, Responses and Experiences in Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia, Bill Derman and Randi Kaarhus, eds. Harare: Weaver Press. 236-259.


  • (Second author with Blair Rutherford). “Zimbabwean Farm Workers in Northern South Africa.” Review of African Political Economy, 34 (114): 619- 635.