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MUCEP Job Opportunities Spring '10 and Fall '10

Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP) is an on-campus employment program for undergraduate students aimed at providing job experience.

To view and apply to job postings available through MUCEP, please visit your My MUNlife account pages. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Go to and login
2) Click the "Student Services" link near the top of the page.
3) Click the "Launch My MUNlife" button
4) Once there, click on "CAREER"
5) Click the "MUCEP Postings" tab

Note: You need to submit a MUCEP Agreement from the MUCEP Postings page before you can view the posted jobs.

Contact us:
For further information, please contact Kathleen Wall at kwall at or visit the Centre for Career Development, UC-4002.