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Medical Care Plan (MCP) for International Students

Attention All International Students

In June 2007, the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador extended Medical Care Plan (MCP) Health Care benefits to ALL international students.

If you are here on a study permit that is valid for 12 months or longer that indicates Memorial University as your institution of study, you are eligible for MCP.

ALL International Students must apply to receive this health care plan and card. It is not automatic.

  • MCP stands for Medical Care Plan. It is a FREE public health care plan.
  • It covers the cost of seeing a doctor or visiting a hospital while you are in .
  • To receive this coverage, you must apply by either visiting the MCP office or mailing your application along with a photocopy of your study permit to the MCP office.
  • Once you have successfully applied you will receive an MCP card. This should be carried with you at all times and presented first when and wherever you seek health care. This will be your first instance of health care support.
  • For information on how to apply, visit the International Student Advising (ISA) office in Corte Real, Burtons Pond (building "B" on this map) or go to

Apply now…Apply Today…It’s quick and easy and ensures your health needs are met.