2017 Election

Memorial's Board of Regents includes alumni representatives.

Memorial University's Mission Statement

Memorial University is an inclusive community dedicated to innovation and excellence in teaching and learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, service and public engagement.

Memorial welcomes and supports students and scholars from all over the world and contributes knowledge and expertise locally, nationally and internationally.

Nomination Call: 2017 Election for Board of Regents Alumni Representatives

Nominations are now being called for the upcoming election of six alumni representatives to the Board of Regents, the governing body of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Nominations for these positions will be accepted until 5 p.m. (NST) on March 31, 2017.

Criteria for Candidacy

Nominees must be alumni of Memorial University. An alumnus/alumna is defined as:
Any individual who has received a degree, diploma, post-graduate certificate, or certificate requiring undergraduate or academic admission from Memorial University of Newfoundland including Memorial College, the Marine Institute and Grenfell Campus and all predecessors. In all cases, the program of study must have been approved by the Senate of Memorial University or the Academic Council of the Marine Institute (or their predecessors).

All alumni are eligible with exception of:

  • Individuals who have been admitted to and are currently registered in a program or course of study that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate of the University;
  • A person who is a member of the teaching staff of the University or of an affiliated college or institution;
  • A person who performs or undertakes to perform a duty or service for the University for which he or she receives or is entitled to receive remuneration from money of the University; and
  • Pensioners of the University.

As per sections 31 and 32 of the Memorial University Act.

Elected members are eligible for re-election, but an elected member shall not hold office for more than six consecutive years, two terms.

The management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of Memorial University are vested in the Board of Regents. For more information on the related time commitments for a board member, as well as the structure and composition of the Board of Regents, please visit: http://www.exec-abc.gov.nl.ca/public/agency/detail/?id=547

Nomination Requirements

Nominees who put their name forward must complete and submit the forms and other documents as outlined in the nomination package. Nominations can be submitted online here. If preferable, the nomination forms can also be downloaded here and a hard copy submitted by mail or scanned for email.

All the required information and supporting documents must be included and provided on or before the nomination deadline to be considered for eligibility.

Please review the Board of Regents Alumni Elections Guidelines for detailed information on the nomination and election process.

The Election

The voting period will begin on May 1, 2017 and run until May 31, 2017. In advance of the voting period, the candidate’s biography / campaign statement, along with a photo of the candidate (provided according to the nomination package noted above), will be posted on this website.

Successfully elected alumni will be notified within 30 business days or less following the close of elections.

All election results will be made publicly available and posted online, after the successfully elected alumni are notified and have accepted their seat on the Board of Regents. 

Note: The Board of Regents Alumni Elections Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of the nomination and election process, and other necessary, supporting information. Please review this document closely. 


Privacy Statement: https://www.mun.ca/alumni/info/privacy.php